İstanbul University Cerrahpaşa Contract Staff

istanbul university cerrahpasa
istanbul university cerrahpasa

In the Official Gazette dated 657 and attached to Decree 4 and 06.06.1978 attached to Decree 7 and 15754 to be employed as Contracted Personnel in accordance with Article 28.06.2007 (B) of Civil Servants Law no. Contracted personnel shall be recruited to the following positions on the basis of the 26566 KPSS (B) group rankings in accordance with paragraph (B) of the additional article 2 in the Principles for the Amendment of the Principles for the Employment of Contracted Personnel.



NURSE 35 Special Budget Nursing of Health Vocational High Schools

Graduation from.

2018 KPSS P94 Points Type 50 and

To Have Over Score



1- Applicants who apply to the above mentioned special conditions and 657 Law No. 48. to meet the general conditions specified in the article.

2- Not receiving pension or old age pension from any Social Security Institution.

3- To accept the requirement of working at all hours (including nights) for all positions, to be determined by the management of the relevant unit in a way that the weekly working time does not exceed 40 hours;

4- Applicants must have taken the 2018 Public Personnel Selection Exam (KPSS). 2018 KPSS-P94 will be based on the score type.

5- 5917 of the Act No. 47. 5. Paragraph (A) In accordance with paragraph 2, 4-B has been resigned from his position while working as contracted personnel; from the date of termination 1 (one) year can not apply before the period.


Candidates, 15 days from the date of publication of the announcement in the Official Gazette (until the end of working hours) is Application Form and Application Petition at the address of the University Personnel Department with the following documents are required to apply personally. At the end of the application, the results of the Public Personnel Selection Examination announced by the candidates will be confirmed by our institution from OSYM Presidency. The applications of the candidates who make false declarations will not be accepted and they will be processed according to the general provisions. An application will be made by specifying the qualification code required for only one position. If more than one application is submitted, both applications will be considered invalid. Applications made by mail will not be accepted. Applicants who have delayed the application date or whose qualifications are not suitable will not be admitted.


- Photo Application Form (Application form published on the web page of the University will be completed.)

- Original Identity Card and Photocopy

- Original and photocopy of diploma or graduation certificate (e-government output will be accepted.)

- 2018 KPSS Exam Result Certificate


After the applications are evaluated by the Commission, the results will be published at at the latest within 7 working days. The number of substitutes will be determined. If the principal winners do not apply for appointment, the announced reserve winners will be called respectively. The list of the candidates to be appointed, the documents required for starting work, the time and place of application should be followed at No written or verbal notification shall be made to those concerned.

* Contracts of those who are found to have made false statements or to hide the truth in any way during application and appointment procedures are not made. Even if the contract is concluded, it is terminated. They cannot claim any rights.

* The provisions of the general legislation apply for the provisions not included in the declaration.

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