Istanbul Sea Transportation Should Be Revitalized

Istanbul Sea Transportation should be revitalized
Istanbul Sea Transportation should be revitalized

Istanbul Sea Transportation should be revitalized; “Sea Transportation Ulaşım session was held within the scope of İstanbul Sustainable Transportation Congress in of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. The moderation of the session was facilitated by Şehir Hatları A.Ş. General Manager Sinem Dedetaş. Topics such as increasing the share of maritime transport, integration in transportation, planning of maritime transport and analysis of coastal structures were discussed. Panelist Behiç Ak argued that the public was consciously cooled from sea transport.

Within the scope of the “Sustainable Transportation Congress” of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, a session called “Seaways” was held. In the session chaired by City Lines General Manager Sinem Dedetaş, Dr. İsmail Hakkı Acar and Assoc. Dr. Yalçın Ünsan attended. At the panel after the session, illustrator Behiç Ak, City Lines Maritime Transportation Services Manager Olcay Serkan Fidan, Boğaziçi Associations Platform (BODEP) Executive Board Member Cemal Beşkardeş and swimmer Elif İdem took the floor.

Sea transport integration with stable staff

Dr. İsmail Hakkı Acar started his speech by stating that the sea transportation in Istanbul, which has historically been up to 34 percent, has dropped to 3-4 percent today and that 10 percent of the candidates can only imagine before the local elections. Stating that Istanbul, which is a "water city", has become a "land city" today, Acar said that the most important study carried out on Istanbul so far is the "Istanbul Metropolitan Area Transport Plan Report" and that strong sea transport targets were set in this plan. Acar cited the discovery of piers that are idle or used for other purposes as one of the most important indicators of the decline of sea transportation.

Acet stated that IETT has a rival understanding to other operators and that road transport interferes with sea transport. Acar said “An integrated understanding should be adopted”. Acar continued his words as follows:

“Integration is a radical change, an important operation; It requires believing and determined staff. Despite the people, it should be progressed with understanding for the people. Integration is the gathering of the types of transportation that serve the city under a whole system, integration does not mean getting on the transportation vehicle one after another with the same ticket. The sea route should be connected to road corridors with reinforced transfer centers. "

Choosing the right ship

Assoc. Dr. Yalcin Unsan, on the other hand, said that if the taste and the ship are not suitable for each other, no matter how well the other elements are planned, the necessary efficiency will not be taken.

Ünsan stated that the existing ships are not very suitable. We need to continue on our way not by modifying old ships but by building new ships. Isinde

Referring to the Channel Istanbul project, Ünsan said: yat A marina is planned to be built on the site of the nuclear power plant. Both these two will not be together and a lot of yachts here and will be difficult to understand how this will be, ”he said. Unsan, "In addition to the possibility of tsunami in a region against the exit of the wave by breaking the natural door is a project that will open a door Channel Istanbul," he said even the cost of planned bridges is very high, he said. Stating that the risk analysis of the Channel Istanbul project has not been done fully, Ünsan concluded his words by saying, em I cannot say whether or not it is done and I am only looking at the EIA Report söylüy.

The coup of September 12 brought the spirit of privatization

Behiç Ak, who took the floor in the panel held after the session, said “Tuzla Shipyard, where precarious workers and precarious workers were employed in the aftermath of 1980, was replaced by Haliç Shipyard, which is a school, a culture, which produces its own ferries.” The production system deliberately deteriorated with the possibility of the September 12 stating that Ak, "in Istanbul Haliç Shipyard and still can be used to get rid of the steamers, they gave a place," he said. Ak said:

“In this process, the cooling of the people from the sea transportation was planned and the sea transportation was deliberately retarded. The connection between cheap and maritime transport and rail transport has been severed and these eco-friendly transport networks have deliberately retreated. Cities were described as the center of the service and banking sector and production was excluded. The Golden Horn Shipyard should be reopened, a technical high school should be established, and the unionized workers should produce a ferry there. ”

Abandon the Land

Swimmer Elif İdem talked about her problems as a disabled individual and a traveling citizen. İdem stated that “We are far behind Europe in order to allow disabled people to participate in life” and stated that the regulations are just for show. İdem, who could not get on the podium because there was no ramp, said that he was in line with his situation on the streets, or that there were ramps for show.

İdem explained that in maritime transportation, disabled people are served with vehicles that are not very suitable, and that a disabled person needs the help of at least three or four people to get on a ferry and travel. İdem emphasized that necessary arrangements should be made for disabled citizens to live like everyone else. Pointing out that his speech was named "Crossing the Land", İdem asked, "Is our municipality giving its service only to young citizens who can walk on their feet?"

Throat going from our hands

BODEP Executive Committee Member Cemal Beşkardeş pointed out that the Bosphorus is going hand in hand and said that sea transportation should be strengthened. Bashkardes said that parallel transportation to the coasts should be increased both in terms of variety and number. “We as civil society demand this. We are also working on this subject; but, 'No passengers!' The interests of our wishes are social. ”

Steamboat in the middle of Istanbul

Olcay Serkan Fidan, City Lines Marine Transportation Services Manager said, “Istanbul is a city with water passing through; but we do not use the sea enough. As Istanbulites, we do not like the sea. Those who love the sea continue to use it already. ” Emphasizing that sea transportation is a suitable transportation method for human beings, they said that they serve with eight different types of ships. Fidan said, 621 We are making XNUMX flights a day. Referring to the fact that the ferry is a transfer vehicle, Fidan said that transportation requires huge costs and these can be provided by the government.

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