Interesting Suggestion for Historical Monuments on the Canal Istanbul Canal

Interesting suggestion for historical monuments in Istanbul
Interesting suggestion for historical monuments in Istanbul

One of the most questionable issues within the scope of Kanal Istanbul is the fate of historical monuments on the route. In the archaeological report prepared within the scope of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process of the project, “preserving the structures such as historical bridge, historical road, blockhouse and bastion within the project site and facing the danger of extinction as well as moving to another location taşıma suggested.

Hazal Ocak from CumhuriyetAccording to the news; According to the report of Hazal Ocak from Cumhuriyet, the importance of Küçükçekmece Lake and its surroundings, which will be affected by the project in the first degree, has provided “A suitable environment for human life since prehistoric times. For this reason, the region has been the scene of migration and invasion movements of people of various origins in prehistoric and historical periods ”.

Turkey and the determination of traces of the earliest settlers dating back about 600 thousand years of European Yarimburgaz Cave is also noteworthy that the report was referred to the following:

Sırasında During these studies, planning of rescue excavations in accordance with a calendar and budget and initiating rescue excavations in possible archaeological sites, both registered and for the first time, can be found in the project site and facing the danger of destruction by construction activities, historical road, blockhouse, It is highly recommended that structures such as bastion be prepared and carried out in the pre-construction period in accordance with international good practice examples such as documentation, protection, moving to another location and exhibiting there, as in the Hasankeyf Project. ”


Yiğit Ozar, Chairman of the Istanbul Branch of the Association of Archaeologists, evaluated the report as follows:

25 We see XNUMX registered cultural assets on the route. Among these assets are Rhegion Archaeological sites, settlement areas such as 'Küçükçekmece Lake and its surrounding area', as well as cultural assets belonging to different periods and periods such as bridges and waterways, farm structures, defense lines consisting of blockhouses and trench structures. In addition, we have to keep in mind that Yarımburgaz Cave, which contains important archaeological data beyond the scale of Istanbul, is also in this region.

It is highly probable that new cultural assets will be encountered if the channel construction is started. In the current state of known cultural property, different protection conditions may be determined due to the unique protection problems of each. However, it is necessary to preserve these cultural assets in their own habitat, in a sense, in their natural environment, where they should be built, which must undoubtedly apply to all. Unfortunately, it is suggested that cultural assets such as historical roads, bridges, blockhouses, bastions were built and removed as well as Hasankeyf.

Of course, neither the displacement of the cultural assets of Hasankeyf nor the transportation of cultural assets on the route for the opening of the Istanbul channel can be considered as a technical issue and referred to as 'good practice'.

When the impact of the channel to be opened on cultural assets is evaluated, the most clear determination can be given that we should protect the cultural assets as a whole with its natural environment. Kanal


Meryem Kayan (President of the Istanbul Branch of the Chamber of Environmental Engineers) said:

“With the impact of Sazlıdere Dam and Terkos Lake as a result of the Canal Istanbul project, 32.7 million cubic meters of water will be lost annually as stated in the EIA report.

With the construction of the 3rd Bridge Project, the North Marmara Motorway and Connection Roads project and the construction of the 3rd Airport, approximately 12 thousand hectares of agricultural land and 2 thousand hectares of meadow - pasture area have lost their agricultural characteristics. 23 million square meters of forest area and 136 million square meters of agricultural land will be destroyed with Kanal İstanbul.

According to the EIA report, a total of 1.155.668.000 cubic meters of excavation will be generated during Canal Istanbul, land excavation and sea lakes. It is believed that the amount of excavation specified in the EIA report is less than the amount of excavation that may actually occur.

The materials that will emerge from the Küçükçekmece lagoon, Black Sea channel entrance and Black Sea Port area will be evaluated in the Black Sea filling areas. ”


Ayşe destructor (city planner from the North Forests Defense) said, Kanal Kanal İstanbul project, which was announced with the promise of election, is a project to open up the northern part of Istanbul for construction and to build a new city “Northern Istanbul, and to pump a new rent into the sinking construction sector. It is definitely not a project for Istanbul, for Istanbulites, for all living things in Istanbul. As the North Forests Defense, we call all the projects targeting the North Forests “Killer Project”. Because they both destroy Istanbul and the creatures in the Northern Forests, and they drown the houses and nests of all living things in concrete. The targets underlying such an investment in the era of climate crisis are clearly evident. This project, which threatens the life of all water creatures in the Marmara Sea and the Black Sea, has the objective of opening the area to be reconstructed and creating a new rent field for the sinking construction network.

The population who will come to Istanbul with the killer channel project does not have the power to carry the burden it will bring to this city. We say: bırak Stop betraying Istanbul with top-down projects and listen to us! ”

The 75-year-old Nurettin Yılmaz, the President of the Association of Unity and Solidarity in Yarımburgaz Neighborhood, stated that those who ask for land prices have increased after the project and said, “We are the caretaker of our neighborhood. We want our neighborhood to go one step further. Our biggest problem is zoning ”.

Yalçın Kır, 42-year-old vice president, said, insanlar The people here are not socially qualified. He doesn't have a park. No social space. There is no educational area, there is no health center and you are talking about a neighborhood that has a development plan for 10 years. We've been victimized for years. This is our priority. Channel Istanbul is definitely not our priority. We want social areas to be created here. ”


Professor Cemal Saydam stated that the Channel Istanbul project will finish the Marmara Sea. “The first 25 meters of the Marmara Sea is the Black Sea and the bottom is the salty Mediterranean water. This structure is incredibly dynamic and at the same time has a great balance. If the channel is activated in Istanbul, this balance will be disrupted and the Sea of ​​Marmara will die. ”

In the “Maritime Workshop ği organized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), the Channel Istanbul project, which was the focus of the discussions, was also discussed. Professor Cemal Saydam said that the consequences of playing with nature cannot be known beforehand and that the Sea of ​​Marmara cannot bear the burden of a new connection.

Underlining that Turkey's shores each different from each other hosting features transparent sea, "pass from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean, it means move to the world's most contrasting sea conditions. If you understand these two seas, then you can fully understand Marmara. The Marmara, which was formed in the last 3500 years, is so sensitive that it cannot survive if it is over. Marmara


The Sea of ​​Marmara is similar to a child with asthma. Cemal Saydam said, ğ When you open a second tap to the Black Sea, its water will flow to Marmara Sea faster. The abundant nutrient topsheet will pressure the substrate and consequently the oxygen will rapidly decrease. When the oxygen's out, there's no going back. You know the estuary smells in the past. This time, not only the Golden Horn or the Bosphorus but the entire Marmara will die. This death will bring hydrogen sulfide. One does not have superior sensitivity to all odors. However, we can smell this substance, even if it is one in a million kul.

'We must defend the continuity of Montreux'

Assoc. Dr. Jale Nur Ece emphasized that the Montreux Convention has made important contributions to the peace in the region and the world in the course of 83 years. Açmak Opening Montreux to the debate will lead to the danger of losing our sovereignty and rights in the Straits and our dominance in the Black Sea. We should avoid this and even defend the continuity of Montreux. ”

Researcher Cihan Uzunçarşılı Baysal also said that Kanal Istanbul was spoken under many different headings in terms of cost, economy, ecosystem, maritime and international treaties but people were ignored.

Uzunçarşılı said, “We should talk about how the local people feel about the Northern Forests region declared as Mega Projects area. The people mentioned in the EIA report but stated only as figures do not know what their fate will be. We have no idea what happened to the people living on the new airport grounds. The same fate awaits people here.

People living here for centuries, agriculture and animal husbandry will no longer live on ancestral land. Their land is now in the hands of big companies..


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