Directorate of Communication to Recruit Assistant Communication Specialist

Head of Communications
Head of Communications

The Communication Directorate will recruit 30 Assistant Communication Specialists under the title of Assistant Communication Specialist.


(1) The maximum number of positions that can be appointed with the title of Assistant Communication Specialist is 30 (thirty). entrance exam kazanThe appointments of the students will be made to the 8th and 9th degree cadres from the GİH class.

(2) All stages of the exam will be held in Ankara.

(3) The regulations not included in this announcement regarding the entrance examination are included in the "Communication Expertise Regulation" published in the Official Gazette dated 27/11/2018 and numbered 30608. Regulations Presidency official website ( It is possible to access via.


(1) In order to apply for the exam;

a) To carry the general conditions stated in Article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 48,

b) Not to be 01 years of age as of 01/2020/35,

c) At least four years of undergraduate education

- Law, political information, economics and administrative sciences, faculties of business and economics (10 people)

- From communication faculties (10 people)

- Graduating from engineering faculties (computer, software, electronics, electrical and electronics, electronics and communication departments - 5 people) or higher education institutions abroad whose equivalence is accepted by the Higher Education Council,

- Psychology, anthropology, sociology, social anthropology, folklore, human and social sciences departments of faculties of interest - 5 people or their equivalents

Graduated from higher education institutions accepted by the Council of Higher Education,

(2) All candidates who meet the application requirements will be invited to the "pre-qualifying written competition" exam.

(3) If there is not enough application to any of the related sections, procurement may be made from other sections.

(4) Right to take the exam kazanThe list of candidates will be announced on the official website of the Presidency (

(5) The announcement regarding the candidates who will be able to take the exam will also include information about the exam program and the addresses and other issues where the exam will be held.


(1) Application for examination January 13 - 31, 2020 Anadolu University Exam Services website (between

(2) Exam application fee will be paid by credit / debit card at the last step of the application process. Exam application fee 90 (ninety) tl.

(3) The applications of candidates who have not completed the exam application steps will be deemed invalid. The applications of the candidates who did not pay the exam fee even though they made the application for the exam will be deemed invalid and “Exam Entry Document” will not be issued for these candidates.

(4) A passport photo taken during the last 6 (six) months must be uploaded to the system. The photograph in question must be taken from the front and with the face open so that the candidate can easily be identified. There should be no change in the appearance features such as hair, mustache and make-up in the photograph which will play an important role in the authentication of the exam day. It should be kept in mind that the exam staff may not take the exam or the exam may be considered invalid if the candidate has difficulty in identifying himself / herself from the photograph.

(5) Candidates with permanent / temporary disabilities or health problems may receive reader / marker support, separate examination room, use of special tools / equipment after completing the exam applications. In order to submit their requests, they shall fill in the Health Status / Disability Information Form (Annex-1) and receive a certified copy of the health report (clearly indicating the obstacle / health status of the candidate, the special equipment / equipment that the candidate should use) and write it must submit their application to the address indicated on the form in question within the application period. Any documents that do not arrive at the specified address on time for any reason shall not be taken into consideration. The candidates will be taken as appropriate as a result of the assessment made by the authorities.

(6) It should be kept in mind that the applicant is responsible for the accuracy of the application information and the suitability of the photograph, and for any errors or omissions that may arise after the application is approved. After the application period has expired, the candidate will not be able to make any changes in the information declared during the exam application (foreign language selection, etc.).


(1) Exam; pre-selection (multiple choice), field information writing and oral.

(2) Pre-qualifying exam:

- It is multiple choice and will cover the following topics.

General Ability (30 questions)

General Culture (40 questions)

- History, geography, basic concepts of law, international organizations, Turkey and the general cultural and socio-economic issues related to the current world (15 questions)

Legislation (10 questions)

. Fundamental rights and freedoms

. 657 Civil Servants Law

. Presidential Communication Presidency Decree No. 14

- Communication Theories (10 questions)

- Introduction to Sociology, Turkish Political Life (5 questions)

Foreign Language (30 questions)

- In the calculation of the exam score, [Score = (Number of Correct / Number of Questions) x 100] formula will be used. Evaluation will be made over 100 (one hundred) points, only taking into account the correct answers, wrong answers will not affect the exam result. If there is a question (s) canceled during the assessment, this question (s) will be considered correct and will participate in the assessment.

- Candidates can submit their objections related to exam questions and exam application from the date of the exam. 3 (three) working days and through the Exam Appeal Form, which is accessed online through the Exam Services website. In order for the objections to be valid, the applicants must submit a credit / debit card through the relevant system for each type of appeal. $ 10 (ten) payment, complete and correct the form in question. Objections made outside the relevant dates or through other channels will not be considered.

- After the exam results are announced, the applicants will submit their objections regarding the results of the 3 (three) iš day, through the Exam Appeal Form, which is accessed online through the Exam Services website. In order for the objections to be valid, the applicants should apply via credit / debit card through the relevant system. 10 (ten) TL payment is required to complete and confirm the form in full and correctly. Objections made outside the relevant dates or through other channels will not be considered.

(3) Field Knowledge Exam: Candidates who pass the pre-selection exam (those who scored 70 or above, 20 times more than the number of positions to be assigned in the announcement, will be placed in the “Field Information Written Exam” (including those who have the same score as the last candidate). The exam will be held in separate groups for each field.The exam scope and exam type of each group will be announced on the official website after the pre-selection exam.

(4) Oral: Candidates who are successful in the field knowledge exam from within their own group, 4 (four) times the number of staff, are entitled to pass to the oral exam stage in order of success. kazanwill work.

(5) In the oral examination after the written examination of the field knowledge, the candidates;

a) Level of knowledge of the examination subjects stated in the entrance examination announcement,

b) Comprehending and summarizing a subject, ability to express and reasoning power,

c) Qualification, representation ability, suitability of behavior and reactions to the profession,

ç) self-confidence, persuasion and persuasiveness,

d) General ability and general culture,

b) General talent and general culture,

c) Will be evaluated in terms of openness to scientific and technological developments.

(6) In order to be considered successful as a result of the written and oral exam; The candidate must have obtained at least 70 points from each of the written and oral exams. The average scores obtained in the exam will be ranked from the highest to the lowest, and the candidate will be appointed as much as the maximum number of quotas, starting from the candidate with the highest score. For this reason, every candidate with an average score of 70 and above will take the exam. kazanwill not be counted.

(7) If there is not enough candidates from any department as a result of written and oral exams, the remaining staff can be filled by appointing from other departments that will be deemed appropriate by the Presidency.

(8) If there are not enough candidates as a result of written and oral exams, less number of staff may be appointed than announced.


(1) pre-selection exam At 14:03 on 2020/10/00 and will be held in one session.

(2) the right to participate in the qualifying examination kazanThe names of the candidates and the exam venue are on the official website of the Directorate of Communications. (http://www.iletisim.aov.trwill be announced.

(3) Candidates who have been determined to participate in the exam and have been declared not to meet the requirements of the exam will not be admitted to the entrance exam. The examinations of those who have been involved in the test will also be void.

(3) As a result of the ranking to be made according to the written exam scores, the right to participate in the field knowledge written exam. kazanThe names of the moments and the date and place of the exam will be announced on the official website of the Directorate of Communications. Candidates will not be notified separately.


(1) The candidates to take the exam Exam Entry Document with photo and Verified Identity Document (photo, cold stamped and ID card number identity card / Republic of Turkey identity card / Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic ID card, ID card number driving license, while a valid passport Must submit a Blue Card, a photographic, signed, sealed and valid Temporary Identity Card issued by the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs of those who leave Turkish citizenship by permission and their legal heirs. No other documents will be valid for taking the exam. Document checks shall be carried out by the examiners and those with missing certificates shall not be taken for the exam.

(2) Fees paid by applicants whose application is deemed invalid, who have not taken or failed the exam, have not been taken or removed from the exam, have failed the exam or have been deemed invalid, who have paid fees for a transaction that does not require a fee or who have paid more than one payment for the same transaction shall not be refunded. The responsibility for the correct payment of the fees lies with the candidates.

(3) Examination Entrance Documents will be made available to the applicants on March 9-13, 2020 via the Exam Services website. The Exam Entry Document can be printed in color or black and white. Candidates should ensure that all fields on the document are visible when dumping these documents from the printer. The document contains the center, building, hall information and the photograph where the candidate will take the exam. The exam of the candidate who takes the exam in another place other than the hall written in the Exam Entry Document is considered invalid. The candidate will go to the building before the exam day to confirm the address information and will provide convenience to the candidate on the exam day. Exam Entry Document will not be sent to the candidates' addresses.


Take the exam as a principal or as a substitute, if any. kazanThe names of the moments will be announced on the official website of the Directorate of Communications. Those who are successful in the exam must apply to the Directorate of Communications Management Services Department within the period notified to them by the Presidency.


All the information about the exam can be reached via the telephone number of the Presidency of Communication.

Phone number: (0 312) 583 58 32 - (0 312) 583 58 88

Internet / Web Page:

Address: Directorate of Communication Additional Services Building Management Services Department Ceyhun Atıf Kansu Caddesi No: 119 Balgat / ANKARA

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