2019 was the Year of Investments for İzmir

was the year of investments for izmir
was the year of investments for izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality invested 2019 billion liras in 3,3. The investment amount of Metropolitan, which allocates 41 percent of its total expenditures to investment, increased by 16 percent compared to the previous year.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality signed important projects in 2019 in order to increase the living standards of the people of Izmir and invested 2 billion 269 million liras this year. With the investments of ESHOT, İZSU and its subsidiaries, the investment amount of Metropolitan in 2019 has increased to 3 billion 300 million liras. The investment amount of Metropolitan, which allocates 41 percent of its total expenditures to investment, increased by 16 percent compared to the previous year. Metropolitan provided financial support of 15,1 million lira to the projects of district municipalities.

In 2019, the international credit rating agency Fitch Ratings and Moody's approved the AAA national rating of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality once again. AAA is defined as the highest level of investment grade.

Some of İzmir's prominent investments in 2019 are:

The biggest investment in Izmir history

13,3 km Üçyol – Buca metro project was signed. For this project, which is the largest investment in the history of Izmir, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has signed an 80 million-euro financing authorization agreement with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The project is planned to be launched in 2020 and the foundation will be laid. On the other hand, the tender for the 28 km-long Karabakh-Gaziemir metro project was held.

Electricity from garbage in Harmandalı

One of the most important environmental projects of the city was realized. The Harmandalı Biogas Facility, which will generate electricity as much as 90 houses' electricity needs, was put into service in the regular solid waste storage area in Çiğli.

İZTAŞIT is on its way

Minibuses serving the surrounding districts of İzmir are replaced by modern buses with ESHOT control. The first step of the project was taken in Seferihisar with 28 new vehicles. On the other hand, 15 new buses are included in the public transportation network. In 2020, 20 new buses, 100 of which are electric, will join the fleet.

Landscaping at Peynircioğlu Creek

Within the scope of Nature Based Solutions project supported by the European Union's highest budget grant program HORIZON 2020, landscaping works have started at Peynircioğlu Creek. 11,3 million pounds investment was made in the project.

Horseback wheat

An important step has been taken to replace the native seeds of Anatolia, which are the health-threatening occupying imported seeds. Ancestor seed black wheat has been regenerated in İzmir. In Menemen, 500 acres of land was planted with black wheat. The project aims to support local seed production and local producers.

Climate Sensitive Agricultural Education and Research Institute

In order to inform citizens about the possible drought due to the climate crisis and to explain the correct methods in agriculture in practice, the construction of the Climate Sensitive Agricultural Training and Research Institute was started in Sasalı.

152 thousand 500 children were reached

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Milk Lamb project in 19 districts and 475 neighborhoods aged 1-5 thousand 152 thousand 500 children distributed eight liters of milk per month. Producers also supported the project for more than 13 million liters of milk from cooperatives.

Producer markets established

With the producer markets opened in Kadifekale and Kültürpark, producers from all over İzmir were able to bring their products directly to the consumers without intermediaries.

Support for peasants and farmers

Peasants and farmers 638 thousand fruit saplings, 317 thousand 500 daffodil onions, 31 thousand 500 lavender seedlings, thousand 798 ovine animals, 964 bee hives were distributed.

284 kilometers of drinking water network

İZSU produced 284 kilometers of drinking water network and transmission line; 107 kilometers of drinking water network and 110 kilometers of drinking water brachman line was renewed.

Tale House opened

The first application of the fairy tale house project in the central districts of İzmir was hosted by Toros district. The aim of the project is to contribute to the social development of children living in disadvantaged areas and to provide them with vocational skills and to support them economically through cooperatives.

Historic Clock Tower was restored

Hours of the German Emperor II. The Clock Tower, gift of Wilhelm, was restored in accordance with its original. In the 118-year-old building, reinforcement studies were also carried out against earthquakes.

Semi-Olympic swimming pool to Bornova

Construction of the semi-olympic indoor swimming pool has started in Aşık Veysel Recreation Area. The 14 million-pound facility will also host underwater rugby matches.


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