1948 - 1957 Turkey Road Program

turkey railway history
turkey railway history

1948-1957 Nine-Year Road Program has been accepted as a leap point in terms of road construction technology in our country and at the same time, the program has enabled the accumulation of encouraging private sector. The success of the program attracted the attention of the United Nations Organization, and the organization applied to our country in 1954 to request a road training center and to transfer knowledge and experience to the engineers of developing countries. Highways evaluating this request from the Republic of Turkey, organized a six-week training program, the program is completed xnumx'inci In the 1958 5 total end-trained engineers from 12 countries. As a result of these developments Southeastern European Countries in the same year 70. International Roads Conference was held in Istanbul.

History and Features

The importance given to the investments in the fields of industry, agriculture and transportation for the rapid and planned development in the post-Republic period in our country ensured the foundation of the construction sector. The first construction activities of this period were seen in transportation sector, especially road works had an important place. Founded in 1923 4.000 kilometers of the Republic of Turkey took over 18.350 kilometers of road network in good condition.

In the first years of the Republic, railway construction, which is accepted as the most modern technology of the period, gained weight in transportation, but after a while it was seen that the railroad was not sufficient by itself and did not meet the transportation needs of the country and the road construction was taken into the agenda.

In this context, a law on road construction had to be adopted and the Law on Roads and Bridges was adopted in June 1929. With this law, the practice of unifying state and provincial roads was abandoned and the old system was restored: State roads, provincial roads and village roads.

The economic and social difficulties of the Second World War necessitated a new breakthrough for road works. 1948 is the year that indicates road breakthrough. The main principle of the breakthrough was determined that the completion of the road construction was not sufficient and the important thing was to keep the roads under maintenance. Turkey has prepared the Nine-Year Road Program and August 8 1948 has received the application by the Council of Ministers dated. According to this program; As a result of the implementation of the three-year program, the construction of the 22.548 kilometer state road and the asphalting of the 18.000 kilometer section were envisaged. Particularly in the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia, transportation problems and solutions were included in the program and priority was given to the construction of gateways for these regions.

Turkey has allocated huge funds from its budget to carry out this program. In 1950, while 3,6 was allocated to road investments, this percentage increased to 1957 in 10,75. After nine years of implementation, the 24.624 kilometer state road was built.

This is 8 percent higher than planned. Only 92 percent of these roads have been taken under maintenance, and asphalting has done less than 30d less than planned. This narrow throat was tried to be overcome with MC4 type asphalt in Batman refinery. The resource allocated to TCK in nine years has been 2.168.427.359 Lira. During the implementation of the program, TCK also took part in the construction of provincial roads and the 533.144.409 Lira of this resource was allocated to provincial roads. It can be said that the Nine Year Highway Program has been implemented within the foreseen costs.

The Nine-Year Highways Program has functioned to improve the integrity of the country, open isolated local economies to national and international markets, and promote inter-regional specialization. In nine years, the number of passenger-km on the roads has increased by 10 and the amount of ton-km has increased seven times. Turkey, nine when he finished the implementation of the Annual Road Program has not only made its way alone, but also dignity in the world
It has created an accepted road engineering potential. In our country, which is composed of self-contained closed economic zones, the development of transportation has provided economic mobility and thus the difference between the regions has started to decrease.


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