13.000 Seeds Meets Soil for DHL Forest

seed meets soil for dhl forest
seed meets soil for dhl forest

DP DHL Group's 2050 zero emission targets within the scope of which is currently working DHL Express Turkey, greener to contribute to the future all customers and focused around the 13.000 tree seeds for employees of a social initiative ecording and Forestry knocked grounded by the General Directorate of cooperation. DHL Express, who wants to grow the forest in Ankara Çakırlar with the first steps, will support a new seed to bloom for every shipment made with GoGreen Climate Neutral product which resets its carbon footprint during 2020.

As a global logistics company, Deutsche Post DHL Group, which started its efforts to protect the environment many years ago, aims to reduce the carbon emissions associated with logistics to zero in 2050. One of the intermediate targets for 2025 set in this context is to plant 1 million trees every year in the world.

DHL Express Turkey will both strengthen the fight against climate change, this will be the target of increasing the extent of customer support GoGreen Climate Neutral products that contribute to their sustainability goals to capture the "You and Greener" launched the project.

In the first phase of the project, which was carried out in cooperation with the ecording and Forestry General Directorate, which is an environment-oriented social enterprise, a total of 13 thousand tree seeds were brought to the soil in Ankara's Çakırlar location on behalf of DHL employees and customers. In 2020, a new seed ball will be launched for each shipment made with GoGreen Climate Neutral, a first in the industry by DHL Express, which resets all carbon footprints for shipment.

DHL Express in Turkey CEO Claus Lassen issues related evaluation, "We support the world's leading logistics company in the GoGreen program is on the one hand to reduce our carbon footprint in our own operations steps of the project to the other side of environmental protection laying. In this context, our green technology equips the new operations center in Istanbul airport in Turkey, the proportion of electric vehicles in our distribution network, we are increasing with each passing day. As we entered 2020, we launched a project to support our global goal of '1 million trees per year' and raise awareness on environmental protection. In line with our leading position in innovation, we wanted to take the power of technology with us and cooperated with ecording, which makes afforestation with ecoDrone technology. Our first seeds fell to the soil within the scope of the 'Greener with You' campaign, which I believe is an important step for a greener world. During 2020 we will plant new seeds hand in hand with our business partners. ”

Landfill Gas Project in Ankara is supported with GoGreen Climate Neutral product

It offered the use of companies in Turkey in 2013 GoGreen balancing the carbon dioxide emissions produced during transport to the Climate Neutral products company and offers the opportunity to combat climate change each time you post. Data related to the shipment is collected and calculations are made in accordance with the known oscillation factors of vehicles, aircraft and buildings within the DHL network with the global patented oscillation calculation system. The source from these posts is transferred to 8 environmental projects approved by SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance SA). Garbage Gas Power Plant in Ankara is one of these projects.

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