11 Million TL Traffic Penalty for 15 Million Drivers in 5.7 Months

million pounds per month billion pounds traffic penalty
million pounds per month billion pounds traffic penalty

Turkey occurred throughout the 11 months of 381 thousand to 2 thousand 346 people died in traffic accidents, while 264 thousand people were injured. 15 million drivers were cut off the traffic penalty of 5.7 billion pounds.

According to data from the General Directorate of Security in Turkey 11 months 381 thousand 996 traffic accidents across 264 thousand 858 citizens were injured, 2 thousand 346 people lost their lives.

* 166 thousand 83 accident, the driver, 14 thousand 993 accident, pedestrian, 3 thousand 868 accident vehicle, 974 accident road, 2 thousand 406 accident caused the passenger fault.

* 4 thousand 281 of the accidents occurred due to drivers who do not stop at the red light, the vehicle can not enter the traffic sign in the places where the traffic was 4 thousand 313 drivers invited.

* 2 thousand 134 drivers and alcohol per steering wheel, injured and involved in fatal accidents. Thousand 7082 drivers who use the vehicle at an excessive speed also invited to accidents.

* 119 people in Istanbul, 116 people in Izmir and 101 people in Ankara lost their lives in traffic accidents.

* 15 million 21 thousand 568 drivers and pedestrians 5 billion 74 million 297 thousand 297 pounds penalty was cut.

* 166 thousand 464 drivers who took the wheel about the legal process was applied to the driver.

* 1 million 301 thousand 41 vehicles were banned from traffic due to various violation of rules.

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