Road Under Armored Unions Junction Opened to Traffic

road traffic under the junction of armored troops opened
road traffic under the junction of armored troops opened

Road under Armored Units Intersection was opened to traffic; Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has accelerated the road widening works in many points in order to ease the city traffic and solve the transportation problem.

Science Department teams, Şaşmaz Boulevard under the Junction of Armored Units began to expand the road in a short time completed, opened to traffic.


The number of lanes has been increased with the road expansion works initiated under the Armored Unions Bridge Junction in the direction of Ümitköy on Şaşmaz Boulevard connecting the İstanbul Road to Eskişehir Road.

The existing 585 lane on the 2,5 meter-long and 2 meter-wide road was unleashed on the 3 lane and the 3 lane on the 4 lane.


For the completion of road expansion works that will greatly ease the traffic of the region, the teams of the Department of Science Affairs, who are working at 7 / 24, continue their work in many points of the city.

In addition to the road expansion works, the Metropolitan Municipality continues to work on new roads.

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