Domestic Bus Sileo Opens to Europe

domestic bus sileo urgent in europe
domestic bus sileo urgent in europe

in Ankara Bozankaya AŞ, Ankara Chamber of Industry 1. In the Organized Industrial Zone, the local and national electric bus Sileo is exported to Germany. Finally on 7.11.2019 23 bus was exported more. Sileo, powered by electric battery, 10m, 12m, 18m, 25m length options, providing fast passenger loading and unloading,% 100 low floor, conforming to Italian CUNA, German VDV, StVZO visibility and driver zone standards, 75-232 passenger capacity, It is an environmentally friendly, quiet, efficient and economical city bus.

0,8 kilowatt-hours of energy consumed per kilometer bus, 80 percent more cost-effective transportation compared to diesel buses. The passenger capacity of the vehicle in question can be increased from 75 to 232 people according to different lengths.

It is characterized by the creation of environmentally friendly zones with zero emissions in urban transportation, increasing productivity in the areas where urban stop-start is frequent, and providing high performance without loss of power due to the lack of transmission organs. The new generation Sileo electric buses have 100 electric 10, 12, 18 and 25 meter-long models in percent. With a single charge of 4 hours, Sileo can travel up to 400 kilometers and dynamically charge the battery by converting brake energy into electrical energy.

Engaged in the production of electric commercial vehicles and rail systems Bozankaya AŞ, Ankara Chamber of Industry 1. Organized Industrial Zone (ASO 1. OSB) is producing. Bozankaya Inc, with many electric bus electric bus won the tender made in Turkey until today. Buses exported to Germany and Luxembourg are targeted to be sold to other countries in Europe and South America.


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