Unlicensed Gun Safety Barrier in Yamanevler Metro Station

unarmed gun
unarmed gun

Unregistered Weapon Security Barrier at Yamanevler Metro Station; Two people who wanted to ride the subway with unlicensed guns and bullets were identified by security guards at Yamanevler station. Passengers attached to the X-ray device was delivered to police teams.

As a result of careful work of Metro Istanbul staff at the entrance of the metro station two people carrying unlicensed weapons were caught.

3 On Sunday, November 17: The bags carried by V.Ç and S.Ç, passing through the X-Ray device at the Yamanevler station of Üsküdar-Çekmeköy Metro Line, gave a high alarm. Then the security guards at the station took action.

They had it in the bag…

As a result of the checks carried out by the security guard, 1 found unlicensed guns and bullets in the passengers' bags. Following the transfer of the situation to the trust teams at the station, V.Ç and S.Ç were delivered to the police teams from Atakent Police Station.

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