Where Does Düzce's Nostalgic Tram Go?

where is the nostalgic tram of the flat
where is the nostalgic tram of the flat

Where is Düzce's Nostalgic Tram Going ?; The tram built by the former Mayor of Düzce Mehmet Keleş within the scope of the Istanbul Street Pedestrianization Project, the new Mayor Dr.. It was history when Faruk Özlü removed the rails. The tram, which was left to rot at the station before it could serve the people of Düzce properly, was loaded on the back of a tow truck this morning, where did it go?

ÖncütvAccording to the news in; “With the last 3 mayors, Istanbul Street turned into a“ jigsaw puzzle ”board. Mehmet Keleş, who expressed the idea of ​​closing Istanbul Street to vehicle traffic during his first presidency, put it into action when he sat down for the second time.

Keleş hung up, Moon opened

Istanbul Avenue, which was closed to vehicle traffic within the scope of the Düzce Municipality Pedestrianization Project in July 2017, was re-opened on 3 December 2018 with the request of the Mayor of the period, Dursun Ay, and the decision of the “Provincial Traffic Commission”.

Düzceli saw the tram one, not one

Increasing problems in traffic, criminal sanctions in response to bike and motorcycle drivers continue to enter the road and the tradesman's work to be re-opened for reasons such as the reasons for re-opening the face of laughing with this decision, hundreds of thousands of pounds spent but often malfunctioned nostalgic tram after a while he was pulled to the station not to go further. In the minds, the money left in vain for this project.

Extracted from the root

After the 31 March Local Elections, he was sitting in the chair. Faruk Özlü prepared a comprehensive project for Istanbul Street, which is the heart of Düzce, to become more modern. In line with the project, which was finalized as a result of interviews with experts, the tram rails were dismantled and a bicycle path was built instead.

Loaded to tow truck

The tram left to rot at the station next to the Martyrs' Park on July 15 was the subject of curiosity. The tram, which did not make a single statement on how to evaluate the municipal authorities, was loaded on a tractor and set off this morning. In the heart of Düzce, the dream of the former President Keleş, who wanted to create the air of Istanbul's famous Istiklal Street, came to a distance in the tower's safe.




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