Governor Nayir Visits Yazkar Factory

governor from nayir visit yazkar factory
governor from nayir visit yazkar factory

Governor Ahmet Hamdi Nayir visited Yazkar Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Plant this week as part of his visits to industrial establishments on Fridays.

In front of the factory Chairman Cem Yazici, Vice Chairman Ali Yazici, R & D Manager Fatih Gursoy, Administrative Affairs Manager Idris Batmaz met by Governor Ahmet Hamdi Nayir, took information about the production activities in the administrative building.

Mayor Cem Yazıcı who made the presentation of the company by expressing that the factory they established in 1994 was located in Istanbul and that the production facility in Sakarya was put into service in 2014. that they have been serving to the Defense Industry as a supplier of armored vehicle air conditioners for many years. and R & D, design and test works carried out with Sakarya University TEKNOKENT as a result of rail system air conditioner, door, vacuum toilet systems and vehicle cold storage device. He said that they are designing commercial vehicle air conditioners in addition to heating and cooling systems in the electric national high speed train project.

Governor Ahmet Hamdi Nayir, who wished convenience for the employees by visiting the production facilities of the factory after the briefing, stated that the point reached in national and domestic production activities, which gained great momentum in recent years, is at a level to be proud of. countries that we have come to a position that markets.

Governor Nayir, who wishes success to all employees before the Chairman of the Board Cem Yazıcı, added that their visits to industrial establishments made them very happy.


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