Urban Rail System Projects Make a Great Contribution to the Economy

urban rail system projects contribute to economy
urban rail system projects contribute to economy

Urban Rail System Projects Make a Great Contribution to the Economy; Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, who made a presentation at the Parliamentary Plan and Budget Commission, stated that the length of the urban rail systems undertaken by the Ministry was 802 kilometers and that it was served at the 314 kilometers and construction works continued at the 180 kilometers.

Ministry of 5 9 rail projects with the provinces perform 15,5 billion pounds voicing contribute to Turkey's economy Turhan, "This project billion in 1 440 million passengers were transported. Daily 285 is an average of 1000 people traveling to Gebze-Halkalı With the commencement of the commuter train line, the time elapsed on the road decreased from 185 minutes to 115 minutes. Some days we have passed 500 thousand and even our goal is to carry 700 thousand passengers. An important part of Istanbul's urban rail system network was undertaken by our ministry. We opened the 81,4 kilometer section. We continue to build 85,3 kilometers. We are in the project and tender process of the 44,4 kilometer. ”

Turhan said that the construction works are continuing to provide the metro connection of Istanbul Airport and said, “Gayrettepe - Airport section is at the end of 2020, Halkalı - We aim to complete the airport segment at 2022. Thus, we will be able to reach the airport from both sides by metro in under half an hour. ”

Turhan pointed out that they have completed the survey and project studies of the Great Istanbul Tunnel, the new tunnel that will pass under the Bosphorus after Marmaray and Eurasia, and said, metro The rapid metro system which will connect the total 6,5 different rail system lines to be used by million passengers per day tender preparation for the passing of our work continues. ”

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