Transportation Investments Not Essential

transport investments are essential, not luxury
transport investments are essential, not luxury

Transportation Investments Not Essential; Minister Turhan made a presentation at the Parliamentary Plan and Budget Commission, where the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure 2020 budget was discussed, and everyone said that transportation and communication investments and works are essential, not luxury.

Transport infrastructure and information communication sector, the pulse of the world voicing Turhan, today's world order, transportation and communication sectors are shaped around the opportunities offered, he added.

Turhan also stated that the power balances that are foreseen to change will be shaped in parallel with the development of these sectors and said:

Elbette It is not a coincidence that especially during the period of world trade mobility moving from west to east, especially the countries in the east are carrying out their moves towards transportation infrastructure in connection with each other. The Belt and Road Project, which is expected to shape the next half century, is the most concrete example of this. Our country is located in one of the most critical points of the middle corridor within the scope of the project. Another important thing to emphasize is the matter of production. It is production that makes development and development permanent. The healthy functioning of the transportation and communication system is indispensable wherever there is production. Healthy functioning, on the other hand, necessitates the moves that include the vision of the future, not for the purpose of saving the day. It is only possible with dynamic targets to keep the pulse of that day in each period. In the last 17 years we have acted with this motto. In other words, this is the way for production and development. ”

Turhan pointed out that the local and national production moves are the most important fruits of transportation and communication infrastructure works and said that these fruits are among the most important legacies to be left to future generations.

Turhan emphasized that they will continue to work, to put stones on stone, to produce new moves and new projects, with determination. reducing the logistics costs, facilitating trade and increasing the competitiveness of our country will always be our main objective with the arbitration of the integrated transportation system. ”

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