Color Motifs in a first Crosswalk in Turkey

colorful motifs to create awareness in pedestrian crossings
colorful motifs to create awareness in pedestrian crossings

Colorful Motifs in Pedestrian Crossings; Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality has implemented a new application that will give children the habit of crossing the pedestrian crossings. pedestrian crossings with the work carrying the first of its kind in Turkey were equipped with colorful motifs and game processing.

The works carried out by the Traffic Department of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department to raise awareness on pedestrian crossings are continuing. In this context, Turkey launched in general 'first foot' after the project now also signed a significant project will attract the attention of children were taken. ADA Park with children's playground opposite the new pedestrian walkway is a first of its kind in Turkey. These crossings, which were built in Europe in various countries with the aim of awareness, give children the awareness that they need to be more careful in traffic.

a first in Turkey

In a statement made by the Traffic Branch Directorate, “It was aimed to raise awareness of the citizens and attract the attention of drivers by carrying out such studies in many different countries around the world. In our country, our own teams have exhibited the games that add color to the lives of our children with the spirit of an artist. This passage carries a first of its kind in Turkey; our children are more conscious in traffic, more cautious and aim to use pedestrian crossings more. This work done in front of the Adapark children's playground will make our children more conscious. ”


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