About Turkey Georgia Railway Construction

GEORGIA turkey construction of railway
GEORGIA turkey construction of railway

Turkey Georgia the construction of the railway construction; Our aim is to revive the historical Silk Road by providing uninterrupted railway connection between our country and Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkish Republics of Central Asia and thus to develop economic and cultural cooperation between countries.

The length of the railway line in our country is 79 km, and the length on the Georgian side is 29 km. Turkey-Georgia (Kars-Ahilkelek) railway line construction was started in 2008; The renovation works of the section between Ahılkelek and Baku were completed simultaneously and with the participation of President Recep Eayyip Erdoğan, he was put into diesel management as a single line on 30.10.2017.

When the line is put into operation; 1 will have the capacity to transport millions of passengers and 6,5 million tons of freight. At the end of the year 2034; 3 Million passengers and 17 Million tons load capacity will be reached.

  • Total Tunnel Length: 18,193 km
  • Total Drilled Tunnel Length: 6,752 km. (4 Pieces) (Completed.)
  • Total Cut and Cover Tunnel Length: 11,441 km.
  • Total Viaduct Length: 555 m.
  • Total Underpass – Culvert: 103 Pieces (Cultary: 69 Pieces, Underpass: 28, Overpass: 6 )

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