Agenda Trabzon Railway at TSIAD

tsiadda gundem trabzon railway
tsiadda gundem trabzon railway

Agenda Trabzon Railway at TSIAD; Trabzon Industrialists and Business People Association's weekly board meeting of Trabzon Erzincan Railway Platform member, Ortahisar and Metropolitan Municipality Council member Mustafa Yaylalı attended.

TSRI President Sirri Eren said, biri One of the duties of non-governmental organizations is to create public opinion on issues concerning the city and to contribute to the vision of the city. We organized this meeting in order to exchange information about the railway project which we consider very important in the future of our city and to get information about the subject and the point we have come from, Mustafa Yaylalı, a member of the Railway Platform, who has been voicing this issue since 2010.

I would like to thank Mr. Yaylalı, the chairman of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, for his participation in the board meeting. Investment Island, South Ring Road, Railway City are the projects that we need to do continuous gymnastics in order to fill the future vision of our city. Again for our city, tourism, light rail system, transportation plan issues such as common mind needs to be worked together, thinking will be very useful issues. As TSIAD, we will continue the meetings in which our members will be aware of the problems of Trabzon. In this way, everyone will contribute to the solution of problems on various platforms ”.

Mustafa Yaylalı, a member of Railway Platform who made a presentation to the board of directors of Trabzon-Erzincan about TSIAD, stated that for the first time a freight train departed from China and went to Prague by using Marmaray. “The world is changing. The routes in world trade are being reconstructed. Today China is now planning to reach the Baltic countries.

In this plan, Trabzon and Kherson stand out as very important ports. It is obvious that the shortest distance to the Black Sea, which will introduce the main train line passing through Erzincan Erbaş into this plan, is the port of Trabzon with 230 km. Such a movement will revive the port of Trabzon as well as a source for new lines and plans with Russia. It is necessary to look at the event through freight transport. Samsun Sarp railway is considered as passenger transportation and high speed train. However, our priority should be to connect to the world market passing by us, not by passenger, but by cargo. By rail, Trabzon can become a center again. We have to connect to Erzincan and thus connect to the biggest trade line in the world and therefore directly to the world.

This line will be supported by Diyarbakır and GAP products will be able to reach northern markets. Erzincan Railway is in an important position connecting all axes. Our cities should be planned according to this line and its trade volume, and connections with the northern ports of the Black Sea should be established through this great trade line. Arsin Investment Island, which will be an industrial zone based on high technology, should be discussed by establishing a relationship with the extent of transferring the production here to the world and the line we mentioned. When we establish this vision, neighboring provinces will also experience this situation. kazanThe Rize, Hopa, Batumi railway, which will work, will also be formed in a more economical way.” said.

TSIAD Chairman Sirri Eren Trabzon-Erzincan Railway platform member Mustafa Yaylalı thanked him for his detailed presentation. The meeting ended after the question and answer session. (xnumxsaat)

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