Train Engineer and Railway Safety Critical Duties Staff Health Board Report

train engineer and railway safety mission staff health committee report
train engineer and railway safety mission staff health committee report

Train Engineer and Railway Safety Critical Duties Personnel Health Board Report; Ministry of Health Department of Social Security Practices Department of Railway Engineer and Railway Safety Critical Duties Personnel Health Committee Report has been published.

The announcement was as follows; Tren Train Mechanism Regulation and Railway Safety Critical Duties Regulation were updated and published in the Official Gazette dated 18.05.2019 and numbered 30778. For the occupational members covered by the Train Engineer Regulation and Railway Safety Critical Duties Regulation, it is obligatory to obtain a health committee report from full-fledged state hospitals and state-owned university hospitals, in case of emergency illnesses or on the basis of operation.

The health criteria to be taken as basis in the health committee reports are explained in Annex of 1 Train Driver's License and Health Requirements for Obtaining Train Driver License and Annex-1 of Railway Safety Critical Tasks Regulation.

However, when the outputs of the reports were evaluated, it was found that there were inconsistencies in diagnosis and decision in the reports and the fields to be filled were not filled. Therefore, it was beneficial to remind the health service providers about the issue.

1- The health reports of the persons who perform train engineer or railway safety critical duties will be issued by the health facilities health boards authorized in the annex.

2- The report of the Board shall include the signature of eye, otolaryngology, internal medicine, neurology, general surgery, psychiatry, orthopedics and traumatology, cardiology physicians.

3- Each branch physician will decide in accordance with the health criteria for his / her branch in Annex-1 Trainer's Qualifications Required for Obtaining a Driver's License and Annex-1 Railway Safety Critical Duties Regulation annex to Annex-XNUMX Railway Criteria.

4- The report will clearly identify the diagnosis and decision. The decision shall be made in accordance with the diagnosis.
a) The decision based on imaging, laboratory results and physical examination findings will be written in the relevant section.
b) In the medical board report; Information about audiometry (hearing) test or test result, eye examination information, “Train as a Trainer.” phrase, Safety Critical Employees “(A) or (B) group bulun must be included.

5- Reports Annexes to the Directive on Procedures and Principles of Health Reports Annex-4 Notifies the Status Health Board will be prepared in accordance with the Report Format.

For the full text of the announcement Click here

Health Board Report for Authorized Health Facilities Click here

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