Traffic Sign Study in Alanya

traffic sign
traffic sign

Traffic Sign Study in Alanya; Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Alanya Service Unit traffic sign team installed 102 traffic sign at different points in 700 neighborhood of Alanya.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Alanya Service Unit Traffic Sign team, city, boulevard, avenue, street and school signs in front of the direction and sign continues to work.

Intensive in the center of Alanya, in front of the school, before the pedestrian project, pedestrian, warning and direction signs work teams, in the east, west and north of Alanya neighborhoods, direction, warning, sign is focused on the work. On the one hand, boulevards, streets and streets are worn and repaired, while on the other hand, some of the renewed plates. There are new ones hanging out. The teams put an 2019 traffic sign in the 102 neighborhood of Alanya in 700. With these efforts, pedestrian and vehicle traffic became more controlled and safe.

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