The Last Steam Locomotive Becomes Soma

the last steam locomotive was somanin
the last steam locomotive was somanin

The Last Steam Locomotive Became Soma; One of the biggest steam locomotives in the world, which has been idle for a long time in the Soma district of Manisa and is about to rot, is preparing to be exhibited in Istasyon Square.

4, one of the 2 locomotives, which had been idle for years at Soma, was sent to Gaziantep in 2016. 1 is being exhibited in the city center in Balıkesir in the summer of 2019. Finally, the steam locomotive in the district, which was made a great effort by the residents of Istasyon Mahallesi, will be restored and exhibited in Istasyon Square. The steam locomotive, also known as the black train among the people who have been carrying freight and human transportation to the State Railways for many years and marked a period, will add a distinct visual and beauty to the Station Square.

Günceleme: 21/11/2019 10:30

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