President Seçer's Thanks to the Hero Driver

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thank you

President Seçer's Thanks to the Hero Driver; Aziz Oğuz, who worked as a bus driver in Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, recently signed a heroism story. 63-year-old Faruk Özcan, who had a heart attack on the bus, intervened and applied a heart massage. Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer welcomed Aziz Oğuz in his office and expressed his thanks for the humanity he showed.

Chooses: ın You saved a life, this is a very precious and sacred thing ”

Deputy General Secretary of the Metropolitan Municipality Olcay Tok and Transportation Department Head Ersan Topçuoğlu also participated in the visit. Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer thanked Oğuz on behalf of the citizens and wished that this behavior would set an example for other personnel. Seçer, gerçekten You really did a good job. You did what a responsible employee would do. I thank you. You saved a life. This is very precious, very sacred. On behalf of our citizens, I thank you and wish you success. I congratulate you on behalf of the entire staff. I hope this will be a means of responsibility. This assistance to our citizens is a good example for other personnel. At least they would have received from you ”.

Aziz Oğuz, who worked as a bus driver in the Department of Public Transportation, Department of Transportation of the Metropolitan Municipality, said, ık We did our humanity duty. I benefited very well from the health education provided by our municipality. I applied them to our citizens in an event that happened to us. He's alive. I'm happy. I'm also happy to know you. We are trying to do our best ”.

He carried the elderly patient to the stretcher in his arms

During the voyage of driver Oğuz to 29 City Hospital-University line, the passenger he got from the stop of Güneykent old Children's Hospital in the evening was suddenly disturbed. Oğuz, Faruk Özcan, who understands that he had a heart attack, took advantage of the first aid trainings he had received within the body of the Metropolitan Municipality and performed the first intervention and performed a heart massage. Oğuz, who took the bus to the city hospital, carried the elderly patient to his stretcher in his arms and saved Faruk Özcan's life with his exemplary behavior. Özcan, who resumed his life with the first aid of the driver Aziz Oğuz and his trainings to the hospital in time, thanked to the driver Özcan after his treatment.



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