TCDD Increases Number of Subcontracted Workers

tcddde number of subcontractor workers increased
tcddde number of subcontractor workers increased

Number of Subcontracted Workers Increased in TCDD; Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, announced last year that the number of 2 thousand 800 subcontractor employees in the Parliamentary Commission of TCDD has increased to 3 thousand 447.

One dayAccording to Hüseyin Şimşek, ”After the announcement of the number of subcontracted personnel of TCDD as 2 thousand 800 at the meeting of the State Economic Enterprises (SEE) Commission held last year, CHP deputy Ömer Fethi Gürer, Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan's request to answer the Presidency of the Parliament submitted a written question proposal.

Turhan answered the CHP Gürer's motion and stated that the number of subcontractors in TCDD has increased despite the AKP's promise to pass to the staff that heralded with the words acak There will be no subcontractors in the public sector ”. Minister Turhan, last year TCDD General Manager Isa Apayın 2 bin 800 announced that the number of subcontracted personnel this year, 3 thousand 447'ye said.

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Turhan said that 2 thousand 558 of subcontracted personnel work in TCDD Transport, 217 works in TÜLOMSAŞ, 236 works in TÜDEMSAŞ and 406 works in TÜVASAŞ.

Employees are hopeless

Evaluating the response of the Turhan Minister, CHP Gürer said: rağmen Despite the Presidential Circular, subcontracting is continuing. Existing employees are desperate to move to the staff. ”

Emphasizing that all subcontracting personnel in the public sector should be recruited without distinction, Gürer said, “The ratio of subcontractors from the rental car drivers, hospital data processing employees, highways, railways, PTT and forestry employees is very high in the public sector. It was announced that KHK and KİT employees will be given staff. What is the reason for this decision? It needs to be done as soon as possible ”.


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