Response to TCDD Regulation: 'They Will Continue to Conceal Those Responsible'

those responsible for tcdd will continue to hide
those responsible for tcdd will continue to hide

The Ministry of Transport has prepared a new regulation following the increasing number of fatal train accidents in recent years.

The Ministry of Transport has prepared a new regulation following the increasing number of fatal train accidents in recent years. Eroğlu from BTS said that bulunmayan They will continue to hide those responsible bulunmayan about the regulation which does not have a purpose for the identification of the cause of accidents.

During the 17-year AKP rule, 94 people died and more than 500 citizens were injured in at least six fatal train accidents. The allegations that an effective investigation was not made about the public officials who were neglected in this process did not fall from the agenda. According to the news of Hüseyin Şimşek from Birgün newspaper, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure has prepared a new regulation regarding these accidents.

In the Regulation on Research and Investigation of Railway Accidents and Incidents which entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette, a provision was not included in the determination of those responsible for the loss of citizens' lives. After the accidents in the regulation that establishes an evaluation committee, the rules of the experts in this committee to determine the rules for reviewing and reporting accidents. Accordingly, accident and event notifications will be made by e-mail or fax by filling out the notification form. Experts will be selected from personnel graduated from rail systems, construction, machinery, electricity, communications, computers and industry departments.

NO sanctions

Experts will not make any sanction decision as a result of the review said. In the Regulation, “The prepared reports will not be subject to the appropriateness control. The report will include a summary, accident process, information and findings on the accident, assessment and conclusions and recommendations. The determination of administrative, legal or criminal liability will not constitute the subject of the reports..


The expert reports that will make an examination about the accidents, “other than the judicial and administrative authorities” can not be shared with any place stated in the regulation. Provisions related to the dismissal of experts to make the research were included in the regulation. According to the regulation, it is stated that the experts who act in a manner that will shake the respect and trust feeling required by their duties and adjectives will be dismissed.


Taşıma The prepared work is a regulation that cannot prevent accidents that may occur and will not be experienced, Ahmet said Ahmet Eroğlu, a member of the Board of Directors of United Transport Employees Union (BTS).

Stating that there is a need for preventive work on railroad accidents but that the regulation is full of great deficiencies in this sense, Eroğlu said, orsa If such a work is being done, the cause of the accident and the people carrying responsibility should be investigated and sanctioned. The real responsible persons were not included in the investigation. It is seen by the regulation that this practice will continue. We believe that the audit results of those responsible may be hidden due to the confidentiality and the absence of sanctions. The investigation, which is not the subject of an investigation, does not matter ”. (I Gerçekgünde)


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