Domestic Parts Produced by Turkish Companies are Also Used in Siemens YHT Sets

siemensin new yht sets used by the Turkish companies produced domestic parts
siemensin new yht sets used by the Turkish companies produced domestic parts

Yazıcı: "With the commissioning of all planned train sets, the number of daily YHT passengers, which is 22 thousand, will reach around 2020 thousand in 30 and around 2021 thousand in 40."

General Manager of TCDD Transportation Kamuran Yazıcı, made the first production in Germany, 12 YHT train sets made about the delivery.

Yazıcı noted that the first YHT set is expected to arrive in Ankara after a one-week journey through Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

Stating that the test drives of the YHT set will be started immediately, Yazıcı said, “The line on which our YHT set is planned to be put into service on February 1, 2020 after the test drives will become clear with the approval of our Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mr. Cahit Turhan.” he spoke.

8 domestic parts produced by Turkish companies were also used in YHT set

Our citizens to ensure comfortable journeys YHT set of voicing structures of production based on the latest technology printer in the train set made from recycled materials, 90 percent, in Turkey, operating in 5 produced by Turkish company 8 noted that domestic parts used.

2020 daily number of passengers will reach 30 thousand ”

Explaining that the train consisting of 300 wagons with a speed of 8 kilometers per hour, the printer has 483 passenger capacity, the printer said: “The business section is 2 plus 1 seating, with a total capacity of 45 passengers. Hot and cold food and beverages will be sold in the restaurant with a capacity of thirty-two passengers. Our train, with uninterrupted internet access, also includes a socket. With the commissioning of the entire train sets, the second of which is planned to be delivered in December, the number of 22 thousand daily YHT passengers will reach around 2020 thousand in 30 and 2021 thousand in 40. With the increase in the number of sets, we will organize express flights. In this way, the duration of Ankara-Istanbul and Konya-Istanbul express flights will decrease by 30 minutes. ”

Explaining that YHT sets are designed as “disabled friendly” considering the needs of disabled passengers, Yazıcı said, “The train, which has two handicapped seats, has information letters prepared with Braille alphabet for visually impaired passengers. The platforms also include a ramp for the disabled and an elevator for boarding trains. ” he spoke.

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