Martyr Police Serdar Gokbayrak Overpass Repair

martyr police serdar gokbayrak repaired the damaged part of the upper passage
martyr police serdar gokbayrak repaired the damaged part of the upper passage

Kocaeli Izmit Umuttepe Campus B Gate in front of the Martyr Police Serdar Gökbayrak Overpass last month, the damage caused by the impact of a vehicle repair work, the Municipality continues feverishly. The damaged part of the overpass was moved to the workshop to be repaired after the night work by the Metropolitan teams.

Pedestrian Bridge Was Built In Xnumx

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality built a pedestrian bridge in 2016 in Kocaeli University Umuttepe Campus in order to ensure safe passage of students across the street. Pedestrian traffic closed last month due to the accident Martyr Police Serdar Gökbayrak 5-6 overhaul in order to prevent the trouble of citizens in the repair work at night, 7 work on November 6'da work began on Thursday morning.


Metropolitan Municipality teams, as a result of their work at night dismantled the damaged area of ​​the overpass took to the workshop. The necessary repair will be performed as soon as the part will be installed. Due to the maintenance and repair work, a temporary route was created for private and public transportation vehicles using the Umuttepe road during the working hours. Umuttepe road is open until the section to be repaired. While the double lane road from Izmit to Umuttepe is completely open; The road from Umuttepe to Izmit is open to vehicles in a single lane and controlled way.


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