Last Green Flash Application in Samsun

samsunda green flash application last
samsunda green flash application last

In Samsun, especially on the main street and boulevard junction, drivers, flashing green flash on behalf of warning to stop the flashing of green light was terminated


Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation, traffic lights 'green flash' application, 'on the grounds of increasing accidents' ended. In this context, the green light will turn directly to the yellow light and then the red light.


In a statement on the subject, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department President Kadir Gurkan, "possible to prevent accidents caused by signaling, traffic safety to increase the application of green flash light was decided to remove," he said.


Kadir Gürkan, reminding that the application of the warning flash in green light to the vehicles in the signaling systems is applied according to the decision taken by the General Directorate of Highways of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, gave the following information:

Uygulama As a result of this practice, it was found that typical driver behaviors such as an increase in rear-crash accidents, a decrease in green time usage due to the tendency not to pass, difficulty in predicting whether the vehicle could stop in the future, incentive to increase speed in the intersection approach were determined.


In order to evaluate this situation, the intersections between University-Tekkeköy, 100 Avenue, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Boulevard, Abdullah Gül Boulevard, which was under the responsibility of Metropolitan Municipality at the meeting of Transportation Traffic Regulatory Board (UTDK) held at Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department today. , Barış Boulevard, 2'nci Bulvar, Akdeniz Street, Karadeniz Street on the signal diagram in the signal phase of the yellow light phase 3 seconds will be applied, the rest of the other signaled intersections will be made arrangements. ”

Samsun Metropolitan Transportation Department President Kadir Gürkan, in the last part of the statement, "Taking into account our new practices and traffic signs for our drivers and pedestrians to comply with traffic signs and pointers is of great importance," he reminded.

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