Samsun Sivas Railways Why the regulations were not followed?

samsun sivas railways led by
samsun sivas railways led by

Why Wasn't The Regulation Complied In Samsun Sivas Railway? ; Although the 'Measures to be Taken for Railway Level Crossings and Implementation Principles Regulation' that came into force in 2013 stated that 'Level crossing cannot be made on roads with a daily vehicle torque of more than 30 thousand vehicles, this regulation was not complied with in Samsun. Even the level crossing, which will begin the test drive, causes controversy.

The founder of the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's Republic of Turkey on September 21, 1924, which first started hitting the digging work, the Samsun-Sivas, 378 kilometers (Thick) of the railway line was completed on September 30, 1931. After the two-year delay in Samsun-Sivas Railway, which was closed to transportation due to the renewal work on September 29, 2015 and could not be opened despite the past 4 years, we will start the week trial runs ahead of us. samsunhabertv, Samsun - Sivas (Kalin) railway line has been continuing for two days with new questions continues.


One of the two sides of the subject is TCDD, who built / built the railway line and the other is Samsun Metropolitan Municipality. Either the TCDD highway would pass by the overpass or underpass or Samsun Metropolitan Municipality. The nearby Mert River highway does not allow passage from the bottom, leaving only the option of crossing an 600 meter viaduct starting at the junction of Kılıçdede and ending after the city's largest shopping center and adjacent hotel. At that time, the Samsun Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME), although this opinion outweighed, but almost not implemented.


A bureaucrat who was active in the Metropolitan Municipality at the time “this was not the job. This thing would have put a set of concrete in front of the city. We suggested that TCDD move the station to a place near the İŞGEM belonging to the Metropolitan Municipality, but this was not accepted and the railway was renewed on the old line. ”


The railroaders have objections. Iz We had money, the minister of time came to Samsun three times for this issue, but we could not get results. We could have moved the station and line that day, but today it's much harder to do. We don't know if an additional budget can be allocated in a period when investments stop / stop in a certain way, only Ankara knows bil.


When Samsun-Sivas (Kalın) railway is opened to traffic in this state, there will be an unacceptable traffic jam on the highway. If the railroad reaches the targeted point, this congestion will ruin the city life. The passage of a train will be around three and a half minutes. For now, the number of trains will pass and how many times the road will be closed to traffic is not a clear account. The trial runs on the Samsun-Sivas (Kalın) Railway line will begin, albeit late, but with questions and problems sorun

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