Improving Road Transport Quality

road transport quality improves
road transport quality improves

Improves Road Transport Quality; Parliamentary Planning and Budget Commission of the presenters of Transport and Infrastructure Minister Turhan the EU average of 20 car within the next year 480 Turkey / that 1000 people predicted to reach the car ownership level pointing Turhan, stressed the need to continue to increase the road infrastructure development required for this level.

Turhan, 2003 thousand 6 thousand 101 kilometers of divided road network, 27 thousand 123 thousand kilometers, they said, increasing traffic safety by reducing the death rate in accidents, vehicle operating expenses, we have saved savings, increased travel comfort, shortened the time, average speed output. We have increased the road standards by completing 88 percent of east-west corridors where traffic flow is concentrated and 90 percent of north-south corridors. Kul

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development In the 2017-2018 Turkey Assessment Report, two downtown 1-hour reduction in travel time between the cities of bilateral trade per cent 6, the new commercial link building possibility percent 7, employment Turhan explained that demonstrated to increase per thousand rate 6, two cities between the annual investment in the highways of domestic trade increased by 18'i said.

In the last year 17 tunnel length 9 floor, bridge and viaduct length of the 2 floor increased by reporting that Turhan, to improve the quality of road transport continued road improvement work, he said.

Turhan pointed out that they aim to provide safe and quality transportation to the citizens by generating solutions to the regions where the traffic is concentrated with the 815 kilometer section they planned in the first place among the projects they created to overcome the increasing traffic density with the development of the country, said:

“We are building the Marmara Motorway Ring for the transportation infrastructure suitable for this volume in the Marmara Region, where more than 60 percent of the industry and trade in our country is realized. We are creating a regional ring road with highway projects that will ease the entrance and exit of Istanbul and 1915 Çanakkale Bridge which will provide an alternative between the two continents. 426 4 was launched in August for the entire length of the Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Motorway, including the Osmangazi Bridge. If the Istanbul-Izmir Highway had not been realized, the travel speed would have dropped below 40-8-hour to 8,5-11-hour.

Minister Turhan, the spread of two continents in the territory of Istanbul Bosphorus highway transition will create an alternative 1915 Gallipoli to Lapseki with the entry into service of the ferry passing time will drop to 6,5 said.

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