Turkish Firms in the World Market KazanRail System Tenders

Turkish companies in the world market kazandigi rail system tenders
Turkish companies in the world market kazandigi rail system tenders

Turkish Firms in the World Market KazanRail System Tenders; Despite the stagnation in the global market and increasing risks, Turkey ranks second in the world with 44 companies in the international construction sector. While the size of the international construction market was 2018 billion USD in 487,3, the share of Turkish companies in this market was 4,6 percent.

Our construction companies have undertaken international 4,6 projects worth USD 20 billion, which corresponds to the 276 rate of the market abroad. While power plants lead the projects, 10 European countries also took part in the highest number of 2 countries. Among the projects we have undertaken the most are power plants with a share of 15,5%, followed by Road / Tunnel / Bridge, Military Facility, Railways and Airports. Regional distribution of projects taken in 2018 Commonwealth of Independent States 35,6 (7,1 billion), Middle East 30,6% (6,1 billion), Europe and America 21% (4,1 billion), Africa 12,5 (2,5 billion) and Asia% 0,5 (92,7 billion) XNUMX million dollars).

Our contractors held important tenders last year in Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Sudan, Poland, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Algeria, including 2 European countries. kazanwas.

Our companies in rail systems infrastructure kazanIf we look at the foreign tenders it has made;

Dnieper Railway and Highway Bridge (Kiev / Ukraine)

Doğuş Construction's project in Ukraine includes the construction of a railway and road bridge, including the 6 road lane and the 2 railway line, as well as the construction of the cross-section of the bridge, including the piers and superstructures of 13 to 17. The carrying capacity of the bridge is 60.000 car / day and 120 train / day for each direction. This project is one of the biggest projects of a Turkish contracting company in Ukraine in recent years.

Mumbai Subway Line III, Section UGC-03 (Mumbai / India)

Doğuş Construction's project; It includes the construction of the 5 station and the 3,55 km-long metro line between Mumbai Railway Station and Worli, including the construction of the 5,05 km-long double-line tunnel. Electromechanical works are also carried out within the scope of the project.

Riyadh Subway (Riyadh / Saudi Arabia)

Doğuş Construction's project; It includes the construction of TBM tunnels of the North and South lines of Riyadh Metro with a total length of 16,5 km, as well as the construction of piles, grouting and construction works, and the installation of rails and pedestrian roads.

Sofia Metro Extension Project, Line II Lot 1 (Sofia / Bulgaria)

Doğuş Construction's project; Nadejda Junction, Central Railway Station, Svata Nedelya Square and Patriarch Evtimii Boulevard, 4 station and total length of 4,1 km metro line design, construction, testing and commissioning works. This project is one of the largest infrastructure projects in Bulgaria in recent years.

Sofia Metro Extension Project, Line III Lot 4 (Sofia / Bulgaria)

Doğuş Construction's project; Nadejda Junction, Botevgradsko Shosse ”Storage Area, VI. Vazov Boulevard includes the construction of the 5,97 km tunnel between City Center and Ovcha Kupel Stations.

Dnipro Metro Construction (Dnipro / Ukraine)

With the project signed in July 2016 by Limak Construction; The design and construction of the 4 kilometer line and the 3 station will be realized. The project will be financed by the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Investment and Development Bank (EBRD); construction of total 4 kilometer double tube tunnel, each of which is 8 kilometer length, construction of connection to existing subway line and stations, construction of 3 station building with surface structures and landing tunnels, electrical and mechanical installation works, construction of rail and connecting elements and railway superstructure. procurement and installation of signaling and telecommunication systems. The project is planned to be completed within 2021 year.

Warsaw Underground Line II (Warsaw / Poland)

Within the scope of the project undertaken by Gülermak İnşaat, 6.5 km double line subway 7 underground metro station design, construction & art structures and architectural works, rail works signaling and electromechanical works.

Dubai Metro Expo 2020 (Dubai / UAE)

The project undertaken by Gülermak İnşaat includes 15 km Double Line Metro Construction 2 underground & 5 aboveground Metro Station design, construction & art structures and architectural works rail works signaling and electromechanical works Expo 2020 metro vehicle supply.

Warsaw Metro Line II (Phase II) (Warsaw / Poland)

Within the scope of the project undertaken by Gülermak Construction, there are 2.5 km Double Line Metro, 3 Underground Metro station design, construction & art structures and architectural works, rail works signaling and electromechanical works.

Lucknow Metro (Lucknow / India)

Within the scope of the project undertaken by Gülermak Construction, there are 3.68 km Double Line Metro Construction 3 underground metro station viaduct metro line design, construction & art structures and architectural works rail works signaling and electromechanical works.

Dar Es Salaam to Morogoro Railway (Tanzania)

Within the scope of the project to be built by Yapı Merkezi as a turnkey project; Between Darussalam and Morogoro, all design works of 160 km single line railway with design speed 202 km / h, infrastructure construction works, rail laying, signaling, communication systems, spare parts supply, electrification and personnel training are included. Total 30 million m33 excavations will be carried out during the 3 monthly project period; 96 pieces total 6.500 m. bridge and underpass-overpass, 460 units culverts, 6 stations and repair-maintenance workshop will be built.

Morogoro - Makutupora Railway (Tanzania)

For this line, which will also pass through Dodoma, which will be built by Yapı Merkezi, Yapı Merkezi; It is a turnkey project covering all infrastructure and superstructure works including technological units such as electrification and signaling. The 409 railway, which will reach 36 kilometers in length with workshop areas, warehouse and side lines, will last for months.

Awash - Kombolcha - Hara Gebaya Railway (Ethiopia)

The project received by Yapı Merkezi; all design works, material supply, infrastructure construction works, repair-maintenance workshops, stations, administrative buildings, rail laying, signaling, catenary, energy supply, communication systems, spare parts supply and training works to be done on a turn-key basis and includes commissioning.

Dakar - AIBD (Airport) High Speed ​​Line (Senegal)

With the project taken by Yapı Merkezi, a fast, modern, high frequency rail system will be realized between Dakar, Diamniadio and AIBD airports. The TER Dakar project will be located in Diamniadio with the Thiarroye, Rufistque and the Integrated Special Economic Zone in addition to the new airport, serving Dakar's second university and major city centers such as the industrial park.

Doha Subway (Golden Line) (Doha / Qatar)

The joint venture of the project; Yapi Merkezi from Turkey and STFA, Aktor from Greece, larsentoubro from India was created by Qatar and Al Jaber Engineering. In the construction contract for the Gold Line package, which has the largest volume of Doha Metro packages, Yapı Merkezi and STFA have the largest share of 40 in the Joint Venture.

CTW 130 - Sadara & Jubail Railway (Saudi Arabia)

When the Project, which will be carried out by Yapı Merkezi, is completed, approximately 12.000 per day will allow 4.000.000 tons of freight transportation per year.

Jeddah Station (Jeddah / Saudi Arabia)

The 450 km-long Haramain High Speed ​​Train Project, which is built between Mecca - Jeddah - King Abdullah Economic City - Medina in Saudi Arabia, will provide pilgrims and pilgrim candidates a significant opportunity especially during the holy pilgrimage period; It will connect the cities of Mecca, Jeddah, KAEC and Medina. Yapı Merkezi is responsible for the completion of construction works, testing and delivery to the operating company of Jeddah Central Station building, which is one of the 4 central station buildings constructed within the scope of this project.

Sidi Bel Abbes Tramway (Algeria)

The average commercial speed of the tram between 400 m and 1370 m constructed by Yapı Merkezi is 19.1 km / h. The system, which is expected to carry average daily 40.000 passengers, has provided a definite and lasting solution to the transportation problem of modernized Sidi bel Abbes as a sustainable, environmentally friendly, long-lasting and modern infrastructure.

A Touta - Zeralda Railway (Algeria)

The design speed of the new 23 km, built by the Building Center and the Infrarail SpA Consortium, linking the capital of Algeria with the suburb of Zeralda is 140 km / h. Turnkey project; It covers all systems including electrification, signaling (ERTMS Level10), telecommunication, environmental regulation, commissioning and personnel training services with approximately 30.000 million m³ soil movement and 1 m² art structure.

Casablanca Tram Line II (Morocco)

The Casablanca Tram Second Line Project to be realized by Yapı Merkezi in Morocco is the continuation of the first line constructed by Yapı Merkezi between 2010-2013 years. Yapı Merkezi was deemed worthy of the esi Best Project of the Year tarafından award by LRTA for its success on the first line, and this outstanding performance on the first line played an important role in delivering the Second Line Project to Yapı Merkezi. The main business items within the scope of the project announced as a result of the tender in March 2016 and planned to be completed in 29 month are as follows: Platform length 16.314 meter, 22 unit station, 34 unit junction, 1 warehouse, 1 workshop building, 1 line junction, bridge, pile platform buildings.

Setif Tramway (Algeria)

Setif Tramway Project was built by Yapı Merkezi - Alstom Consortium. All construction works of the project in Algeria Setif were carried out by Yapı Merkezi and system works by Alstom. The project consists of two parts, defined and conditional. In addition to the construction of the CDM workshop; The 15,2 km line connects El-Bez University to the east of the city to the west of the city. The 7,2 km conditional section connects the Governor's Junction with the last stop at Ain-Trick. Setif Tram, which will serve with 26 stations, was opened in 8 May 2018 in front of the Setif Provincial Building.

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