98 Percent of Citizens Like YHT

percent of citizens i loved yhtyi
percent of citizens i loved yhtyi

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan; 52 has welcomed more than one million passengers so far.

Minister Turhan, thanks to combined transport operations launched by the YHT 13 provinces and Turkey said it benefited from comfortable and fast transportation of 42 percent of the population.

To date, 52 has welcomed more than million passengers, said that the satisfaction rate of passengers traveling by trains 98 percent Turhan, YHT operating in the total 1213 kilometer network, 22 thousand thousand 25 thousand passengers per day, said the service.

Recalling that YHT business started with Ankara-Eskişehir line in 2009 and continued with Ankara-Konya lines in 2011, Eskişehir-Konya in 2013 and Eskişehir-Istanbul and Konya-Istanbul lines in 2014, Turhan said that these services were carried out with 19 YHT sets. He stated that the first of 12 train sets ordered to be delivered and that he will start to serve next year.


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