Invitation from the General Manager of EGO

ego general manager of the university
ego general manager of the university

Invitation from the General Manager of EGO to the University-Teenager with Bus Passion; Sakarya University Civil Engineering 4, who says that he spent a certain part of his life in Ankara and that he was an Ankara lover. grade student Enes Ekizer sent an e-mail to our Mayor Mansur Yavaş stating that he wanted to see IKARUS Municipality buses. Our President Mansur Yavaş, who did not refuse Ekizer's request, gave instructions to the General Directorate of EGO for the necessity.

EGO General Manager Nihat ALKAŞ invited Ekizer to the Authority and hosted him in his office. During the conversation between the two quite pleasant Alkaş'ın IKARUS brand asked where the admiration of Ekizer, four-year-old mother came to Ankara because of the disease, the bus ride to and from the hospital during the arrival and departure of IKARUS told us that his passion. At the same time, Ekizer gave Alkaş a trophy with a photo of IKARUS bus on it.

Afterwards, Enes Ekizer, who was in the 3.Regional Directorate (Mamak) of the EGO General Directorate, went to see two IKARUS buses, one with 1991 Model Bellows and the other with 1992 solo, and took photos there. He was very happy to perform.

Ekizer thanked our President Mansur Yavaş and EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş for their interest.

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