The Example of Heroism from the Bus Driver in Mersin

mersin buyuksehirin bus soforun heroism sample
mersin buyuksehirin bus soforun heroism sample

Example of Heroism from the Bus Driver in Mersin; Aziz Oğuz, who worked as a bus driver in Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, signed a heroism story. 63-year-old Faruk Ozcan who had a heart attack to intervene, applying cardiac massage Oguz, took the bus to the hospital with passengers. Hero driver, carrying the elderly patient in his arms until the stretcher, helped him hold on to life.

Aziz Oğuz, who worked as a bus driver in the Directorate of Public Transportation Branch of the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, took passengers from the stop of Güneykent Old Children's Hospital in the evening during his expedition to the City Hospital-University line number 29. Seeing that the passenger's face was pale while getting on the bus, the driver soon noticed shortness of breath. Faruk Özcan who had a heart attack, first aid training received by applying cardiac massage with the information, Oguz who made the first intervention, brought the 63 year-old passenger to life. Oğuz by providing space for the passenger to breathe, the patient in a short time, Mersin City Hospital emergency department has trained.

“We look at our passengers from the eyes of customers, not from the eyes of guests”

Expressing that he has done his job lovingly and consciously, Oğuz has been a bus driver for 6 years. Emphasizing that he did his job fondly, Oguz told the incident with the following words:

Iz Passengers who get on the bus are our guests. On the evening of the incident, on line 29, at 18: 15, I stopped by the old Children's Hospital. My car was a little busy, one of our citizens got on, he said he was uncomfortable. I thought I was disabled before I opened the middle door to ride more easily. Then I looked at his face, saw that he was sear, not himself. I made room for the passenger sitting in the seat just behind me, and then I opened his chest. I looked at the situation a little different. Immediately I called the ambulance, I called my superiors then I continued on the road. I realized that Faruk Bey was worse, not himself. I found out later that his name was Farouk. In line with my supervisors' information, I entered the emergency door of the City Hospital. I brought the first aid stretcher, embraced it, put it in. I saw a lot of help from the trainings that we received in the first aid course given by our Municipality, I applied a heart massage, it seemed to be a little self-conscious. ”

Inde There was an expression of save me in your eyes, I did my duty to humanity ”

63-year-old Faruk Özcan struggled with COPD disease, had previously learned that he had a heart attack twice Oguz, "the situation at the hospital door was worse, has become unable to speak. He had the expression save me in your eyes. I tried to do my best. I did my human duty. Of course the priority here is human health. I'm a little sad about being in this situation. ”

Thanks to the passenger who survived the danger

Faruk Özcan, who managed to hold on to life with the conscious and cold blooded intervention of Aziz Oğuz, the bus driver of the Metropolitan Municipality, was discharged after receiving treatment at the City Hospital. After the doctor stated that the danger would continue if he was late, Özcan waited for the driver Oğuz at 2.5 hour stop and cried after leaving the hospital.

After delivering the patient to the medical teams in the emergency room, Oğuz said that he continued his journey because he had passengers and said, sonra After placing the patient, I learned his name and surname. I continued to service because I have passengers. The next day, 9: 30 got out of the hospital and tried to find me before I went home. 2.5 waited at the stop. The doctor said, 'If the person who brought you 15 was delayed by another minute, you would have died.' He came to me. He cuddled my neck, cried and thanked me a lot. He thanked the Mayor, the Head of Department, our superiors and managers very much. I did my duty to mankind, may Allah give health wellness. I would like to thank our President. ”



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