Minister Ersoy: 'There is a study about the cable car in Ihlara Valley'

minister ersoy has a work on the cable car in ihlara valley
minister ersoy has a work on the cable car in ihlara valley

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy: kesim With the Cappadocia Area Presidency, there is a group that expresses a discourse as if the protection status of the region has been reduced. This is definitely not true..

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy stated that the Cappadocia Area Presidency has started to work and said, ıyla With the Cappadocia Area Presidency, there is a segment that expresses as if the protection status of the region has been reduced. This is definitely not true..

Minister Ersoy, in a statement to reporters in the Ihlara Valley Aksaray, the region's needs to organize the trip program to determine the needs, he said.

Ersoy pointed out that the activities related to meeting the needs of the field chairmanship quickly and completing the recruitment of personnel are continuing rapidly.

“We will begin to quickly resolve the needs of this region with the Cappadocia Area Presidency. Cappadocia Field Presidency started to work. Together with the Cappadocia Area Presidency, there is a segment that expresses a discourse as if the protection status of the region has been reduced. This is definitely not true. The field presidency system has two characteristics. One, bring quick solution, two increase the status of protection. No protection status was reduced with the site chair, but only the enforcement powers of the protection status were transferred to the site chair. This, of course, is something that has been done in terms of quickly evaluating the applications, passing through the councils quickly, opening the way by respecting the nature, archaeological values ​​of the people who want to make modifications and investments. ”

Demolition Authority was also granted to the Field Head

Their goal is to increase the protection balance even more effectively to provide tourism here, Field Authority gave the authority that was not used before, Ersoy said, “You know, in the past, municipalities were shy when demolition. Demolition authority was also given to the field president. From now on, municipalities have the capacity to fulfill this task, the team has every opportunity, and also have the resources, to delay the instructions of our boards or the field directorate about the demolition, when they are delayed in fulfilling the requirement. Therefore, our aim is to protect this place effectively and it is a popular point of tourism. To make it possible to get more shares from tourism. ”

There Is A Study About Cable Car

Minister Ersoy, a journalist Ihlara Valley cable car, glass terrace and lift on the question of the project, said the following:

Var There is a study about the cable car. We also came to us about the project design, we will see. There are also those who want to do from the private sector. We will look at the costs. We will evaluate the best solution. It may be given to the private company in the form of a build-operate-transfer or may be done by our ministry. So it's not an impossible investment amount. It is an investment that we can make very comfortable as a ministry. We can give approval to the private sector if it has sugges- tions and if its suggestions are reasonable. We will complete the assessment this year until the end of January. Then we apply the decision. ”

Minister Ersoy, the 3,5 kilometers in the valley after the walk with the attendants.

Aksaray Governor Ali Manti, Ersoy'a hand-woven carpet gift after the walk.

Conflicts of Authority to be Prevented

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, Ihlara'daki Kaymaklı after the investigation of the underground city and visited the authorities received information.

Minister Ersoy, then told reporters, the region to promote, protect and prevent illegal construction of the Cappadocia Area Presidency created in order to implement various tourism centers said.

Cappadocia Field Presidency will provide an important advantage in terms of the region where Ersoy stressed, so that the conflicts of authority in various ministries and municipalities in Cappadocia said.

Minister Ersoy said: “With the implementation of the Cappadocia Area Presidency, we carry out on-site investigations. The main thing is to increase the income of Cappadocia, increase the number of days of tourists stay in the region. There is an increase compared to last year. We think that by running the Cappadocia Area Presidency faster and increasing its share in the promotion, I hope it will come to the place where it misses tourism. The reason for the establishment of the Field Presidency is to eliminate conflicts of authority. There was a conflict of authority between the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the municipalities. For this reason, the decisions to be taken out of the boards were very long. Unfortunately, with the prolongation of time, you encourage the fugitive. People were sometimes waiting for the decision to come out 8 years. The waiting period also caused illegal construction. ”

Cappadocia Field Presidency mentioned that the times are very short, Ersoy said, “We will accelerate the decision-making file. In the past, only the municipalities and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization were responsible for demolition. Currently, the Field Authority has been granted demolition authority. Sometimes municipalities did not act quickly about demolition with concern for elections. After that, the Presidency of the Area will prevent the zoning and unlawful constructions faster and use the authority of demolition. Kul

During the visit to the underground city of Kaymaklı, Ersoy was accompanied by RTÜK President Ebubekir Şahin and Kaymaklı Mayor Harun Çekiç.

Minister Ersoy, who will participate in the hot air balloon tour tomorrow, the ongoing construction of Cappadocia History and Culture Museum and various tourist centers in the region will make investigations.

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