Şehit Birol Yıldırım Street Will Reduce Army's Traffic Load

The army's traffic load will be reduced by alternative road
The army's traffic load will be reduced by alternative road

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented road investments that breathe the city traffic through alternative routes, has accelerated its work on Şehit Birol Yıldırım Street, which was created to reduce the traffic load on Şehit Yalçın Yamaner Boulevard.

Starting from the new bus station, the highway connecting the ring road and Karapınar neighborhood is planned to ease the city traffic.


Stating that the asphalting works will start in a short time on the road, which is protected with 300 meters long walls, Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler said, “While the sub-base, art structures, electricity, water, natural gas, telecom and sewerage works were completed on Şehit Birol Yıldırım Street, which was started in 2018 by our Transportation Department teams and known as Street No. 1010; The incomplete works of the rainwater production and infrastructure institutions continue. We will start the asphalting work in a short time and offer the service of our citizens until the end of the year. Karşıyaka We will eliminate the traffic load it creates in its neighborhood. ”


When the 16 meter width and 2 km length road projected as a double is completed, 1,5 will serve with pavements with meter width. Thanks to the road, heavy vehicles and trucks using the Ordu ring road Karşıyaka Şehit Yalçın Yamaner Boulevard where the settlement is dense and traffic load will be given out of the city.

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