Star of Logistics Shines with Startups

logistics star shines with startups
logistics star shines with startups

The logistics industry liked digitalization. Many startups, who saw the needs, entered the sector and carried the manual and paper work to digital. Startups offer services that have not yet been provided in transportation, and digitally executed transactions provide customers with a cost advantage of up to 40 percentages

Transport Sector Leader, KPMG Turkey Yavuz Öner said the technology has changed the face of the logistics industry. Stating that the startups that started to provide service in logistics with the ideas that will solve the problems in the sector in recent years were successful, Öner said, “The manual transportation organizer has provided significant efficiency, time and cost advantage by moving the works to digital. The digitization of transport organizing is a devastating change in the sector. ” Öner gave the following information about the rising startups in logistics:

The solutions of digital transport organizing platforms accelerated the works. In the manual process, pricing for companies wishing to ship was not transparent and the information system was closed to communication. The development of FreightHub was a good example of the devastating impact in the industry. FreightHub, which started out as a platform only, became a transport organizer over time and became a rival against the well-known brands such as Kuehne & Nagel, DHL and UPS. The digital transport organizing allows customers to access different quotes, arrange their own shipments and track them simultaneously. Customers pay less than 40. The digital transport organizing platforms offered by startups provide cost transparency and enable the efficient management of a shipment during the transport process.

Technological developments are being met with confidence in the sector. Freightos has invested over US $ million in 94 from US venture capitalists and European organizations, collaborating with CMA CGM, a leading company in the industry. Germany-based FreightHub secured 20 million dollars for A Investment Tour FreightHub, which entered the market at 2016, is now the leader in logistics technology in Europe.

Set an example for maritime

Suggest Yavuz from KPMG Turkey, terrestrial he noted that this change was watched with interest as the maritime industry. Öner, “Leading maritime companies can also adapt to this trend and develop their own platforms. Previously, similar collaboration took place between Maersk and IBM. As a result of this cooperation, the global block chain platform TradeLens has emerged. In the coming years, the 'software as a service' model may be the main competitive criterion in the maritime sector. ”

In the maritime sector, IMO 2020 regulation of ships used to limit the sulfur content of the fuel used in the suggestion, this also created another opportunity for startups said. Öner said, durum This has created demand for more efficient use of fuel among shipping companies. Startups began to provide clear analysis of which route to follow for optimal fuel use during transport. offers services for identifying routes that will save fuel in line with new standards and ensuring sustainability, promising 10 reduction in fuel cost. Yüzde

Asset tracking with sensors

Yavuz Öner emphasized that the fixture tracking in the transportation sector is one of the important issues on the agenda. Öner said:

“In the past, customers were not able to track their shipments. Startups also made a move to solve this problem. For example, Hawkeye360, which uses radio frequency to monitor movements in air, land and sea routes, has invested $ 16,3 in the US. Clearmetal, which foresees transport time by using machine learning and enables loading tracking, has also invested $ 12 in the US. It is unclear whether these startups will continue to grow by offering only follow-up opportunities. The focus is on the fact that tracking technology continues to exist in integration with digital transport organizers. For now, a platform called ContainerXChange allows simultaneous monitoring of the installation. ”

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