2018 Million Vehicles Passed From Crimean Bridge Since May 8

million vehicles since May
million vehicles since May

It was announced that more than 2018 million vehicles, including 103 thousand buses and 795 thousand trucks, have been passed since May 8 was commissioned from the Crimean Bridge connecting Krasnodar and Crimea over the Kerch Strait.

Sputniknews'According to the news; “Kriymskiy Most (Crimea Bridge) information center, the bridge was commissioned since May 2018'den 103 thousand buses and 795 thousand trucks, including a total of more than 8 million vehicles were reported.

“More than 103 million vehicles, including 795 thousand buses and 8 thousand trucks have passed through the Crimean Bridge during the almost one and a half year of operation,, said the maintenance of the highway section of the bridge in a normal way, while more than 140 employees and The presence of the 35 vehicle was recorded.

The most intense traffic in both directions over the bridge was determined in August, 1 million vehicles passing through the bridge said in a statement, the daily record 35 thousand 989 vehicles and 12 thousand broken in August was emphasized.

The statement, "instead of using ferry Crimean Bridge car owners and transporters, 16 May 2018'den since 26 billion rubles (approximately 234.1 billion billion) has been saved," the statement said.

The Crimean Bridge, which connects Krasnodar and Crimea over the Kerch Strait, is Russia's longest bridge and 19 kilometers long. 16 May The 2018 section of the motorway will open from the bridge and train crossings are planned to start in next December.


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