Keltepe Ski Center and Eğriova Pond Under Review

keltepe ski resort and egriova goleti under review
keltepe ski resort and egriova goleti under review

Karabük Governor Fuat Gürel, together with MPs found in the Keltepe Ski Center Egriova Pond investigations.

Governor Fuat Gurel, Karabuk deputies Cumhur Unal, Niyazi Gunes and Dr. Hüseyin Avni Aksoy, Chairman of the Provincial Assembly Hasan Yildirim and members of the Provincial General Assembly together with the members of the Provincial Assembly and the final stage of hot asphalt work in the Keltepe Ski Center to diversify the ski tourism, camping and trekking, especially to make assessments about what can be done to increase tourism destinations He made observations in Eğriova Pond.

Having examined the Eğriova Pond, Mehmet Uzun, Provincial Secretary General Mehmet Uzun, Forest Operations Manager Rıfat Ataş and Safranbolu Forest Operations Manager Sema Altunay, and Governors Fuat Gürel and Karabük Deputies later examined the road route between Eğriova Pond and Keltepe Ski Center.

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