Kayseri Tram Schedules Stations and Map

Map of Kayseri Tram
Map of Kayseri Tram

Kayseri Tram Hours, Fare Schedule, Stops and Map; Kayseray is a light rail public transportation system that started service in Kayseri in 2009. The first phase of Kayseray was put into operation at the Organized Industry-East Terminal. The second phase, İldem Beyazşehir line, was put into service on February 1, 2014. The total length of Kayseray, which consists of two lines, is 34,5 km. From 06:00 in the morning to 24:00 at night, there are regular flights on the lines of Kayseray.

Kayseri Tram Stations

OSB Republic Square East Terminal Beyazşehir 2 İldem 5 and Cumhuriyet Square-Talas are two lines in Kayseray. 62 There is a stall.

OSB Cumhuriyet Square East Terminal Beyazsehir 2 Ildem 5 Tram Line Stations

  1. Organized industrial Zone
  2. Tinaztepe
  3. 19 May
  4. Belsin Tribune
  5. Selimiye
  6. Suvla
  7. Keykubad
  8. Sakarya
  9. Stadium
  10. Interchange-New Industrial West
  11. the Yazıbağ
  12. Esentepe
  13. DSI-New Industry East
  14. Anatamir is
  15. highways
  16. Aydınlıkevler
  17. Old Industry
  18. Düvenö the
  19. Republic Square
  20. Hunat
  21. Greater Municipality
  22. supererogatory
  23. Alparslan
  24. Tuna
  25. Erciyesevler
  26. Double Cupola
  27. Yıldızevler
  28. East Terminal
  29. Mimar Sinan Interchange
  30. Factories
  31. Gambling is
  32. Wonderland
  33. the Cırgal
  34. Kilicaslan High School
  35. Gesi Junction
  36. Beyazşehir 1
  37. Toki Junction
  38. Beyazşehir 2
  39. Ildem 1
  40. Ildem 2
  41. Ildem 3
  42. Ildem 4
  43. Ildem 5

Cumhuriyet Meydani-Lojmanlar Tram Line Stations

  1. Republic Square
  2. Hunat
  3. Greater Municipality
  4. supererogatory
  5. Alparslan
  6. Tuna
  7. Erciyesevler
  8. Sema Writer Park
  9. Example: Mustafa Şimşek
  10. View Şehit Furkan's Full Profile
  11. Technopark
  12. Erciyes University
  13. Hospitals
  14. lodgings
  15. Red Crescent Blood Center
  16. Dormitories Area
  17. Bahçelievler
  18. Municipality of Talas
  19. Contact Talas directly
  • Bold stops are important stops.

Kayseri Public Transportation Ticket Prices

PAPER MAGNETIC TICKETS 1 boarding FEE 3,75 tbsp
TEACHER CARD 1 boarding FEE 2,65 tbsp

Kayseri New Tram Projects

1. Stage: Belsin Anafartalar-Terminal-City Hospital-Nuh Naci Yazgan University Mobilyakent Tram Line Project.

This project; Transportation will be carried out by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Communications. The Ministry of Transportation will commence the construction of the 34 kilometer Tram Line, which will be constructed in addition to the existing 7 km rail system line.

2. Stage: Cumhuriyet Square - Talas Homeland Line

An agreement was signed with the Islamic Development Bank for the Talas-Anayurt Rail System Line. The tender process for the construction of the 5,8 kilometer line has been completed and the construction of the line will begin as soon as possible.

Kayseri New Tram Projects
Kayseri New Tram Projects

Map of Kayseri Tram

Rail Industry Show Armin sohbet

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