When will Karaman Konya High Speed ​​Line Open?

karaman konya high speed train line
karaman konya high speed train line

When will the Karaman Konya High Speed ​​Line Open ?; Republican People's Party Karaman Deputy Av. İsmail Atakan Ünver participated in the budget negotiations of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure in the Central Government Budget Law of the Year of 2020, which was discussed at the TGNA Plan and Budget Commission. He asked Minister Turhan about the planned and ongoing projects in Karaman.

In the session where the budget of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure was discussed; previously asked the fate of the high-speed train brought to the agenda by the Parliamentary General Assembly and written questions. Unver in his speech; “Mr. Plan and Budget Commission President, our colleague Lütfi Elvan will be finished in a very short time during the Ministry of Transport 2014 announced that the Konya-Karaman high-speed railway construction work has not been finished, but every year 'This year will be finished.' are promised. ”


Reminding that a statement was made regarding the Konya-Karaman High-Speed ​​Train line, that the Mayor of Karaman came to an end in January 2016. Sonra Later, TCDD General Manager at 2016 in August İsa Apaydın Prime Minister Binali Yildirim in 2017 said, 'It will open next year.' In March, 2018 Transport Minister Ahmet Arslan said, 'It will open at the end of this year.' President Erdogan in June 2018 'This year will open at the end.' said. We finished 2018, not opened; In January of the year 2019, we also asked the current Minister to ask you. We asked the written question in our motion. You said that 2019 will open in the second half of the year, but 21 October 2019'da statement and the budget commission presented to you in the book you said it was up to 2020. We expect this service, at least for 2020. ”


In the book submitted by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure to the Plan and Budget Commission, which includes its projects and activities; CHP Deputy Unver stated that Karaman Airport, ring road and Çamlıca Viaduct projects are not included. “While 51 airport is mentioned in this city, Karaman Airport is not mentioned in this huge book. This is waiting for you from Karaman Airport. In addition, in the book you mentioned about the ring road projects; Karaman ring road project is not included in this book. And again, 'Turkey's largest, will be the tallest viaduct.' is not included in this book; It is a viaduct that provides the connection between Mut-Ermenek. ”


Ünver continued his words as follows: “Ermenek is the district where the President of the Commission Mr. Lütfi Elvan was born. We would like to thank Mr. Elvan for these services. We expect you to complete the projects initiated by Mr. Elvan during the Ministry of Transport on behalf of Karaman as an example of loyalty. ”


On the other hand, Ünver asked the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turhan about the projects Karaman expects to be completed. Uz We are waiting for answers to these questions.. Here are the questions Unver asked Turhan Minister:

  • Why didn't Karaman Airport, ring road and Çamlıca Viaduct, which were previously included in the investment programs, were included in the 832 page book prepared by your Ministry and submitted to the Plan and Budget Commission? What will happen to these projects?
  • When will the road to Bucakkışla connecting Karaman and Ermenek be completed?

  • Is it very difficult to make the train between Konya and Karaman compatible with working hours?


With the completion of the Konya Karaman high-speed train line, it will be possible to reach Karaman from Konya to 40 minutes, to Ankara from 2 hours to 10 minutes, and to Istanbul from approximately 5 hours.

Konya-Karaman high-speed train line that will reduce the transportation time between Konya-Karaman 40 continues to work.

Work continues on signaling on the 1 kilometer high-speed train line, which will reduce the distance between Konya and Karaman from 18 to 40 minutes to 102 minutes. When the Karaman high-speed train line is completed, a passenger departing from Karaman will be able to easily travel to Istanbul or Ankara via Konya. Likewise, those from Istanbul and Ankara will be able to go to Karaman via Konya. The 21 vehicle underpass, 20 vehicle overpass and 15 pedestrian underpass are located on the line route between Konya and Karaman. All the stations on the Konya-Karaman line are being transformed so that disabled people can use the stations unhindered.

40 minutes from Karaman to Konya, 2 hours to Ankara, 10 minutes to Istanbul, and 5 hours to Istanbul.

With the works, the 102 kilometer high-speed train line between Konya and Karaman was made double-line, electrical and signaled. In the works, passenger loading and unloading platforms at Karaman Station were also adapted to the arrival and departure of the high-speed train. After the completion of the line, 40 from Karaman to Konya can be reached in minutes. With the completion of the line and the high-speed train, Ankara can be reached by an 5 hour travel time by bus, 2 hour 10 minutes, and after a journey time exceeding 10 hour, Istanbul can be reached in approximately 5 hours. The construction of the YHT Station, which will include all kinds of social and cultural equipment for the passengers in the Wheat Market Location in Konya, is continuing on the high-speed train route.

Following the completion of the Konya Karaman high-speed train line, Eregli-Ulukisla-Yenice high-speed train line will be connected to Mersin.


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  1. The opening of new lines is nice, but it is also very important to have space available in the existing working lines? Now those who want to travel with YHT 1 can only find a place after the week YHT is going to go to the places where only 6 wagon if there is so much demand why 8 e or 10?
    I think the authorities at the beginning of TCDD are passive and incompetent.