Izmir Blue Train Schedules and Ticket Schedules

Izmir Ankara Blue Train
Izmir Ankara Blue Train

With its natural beauties, culture, industry and port, one of the most important cities of our country, Izmir and the capital Ankara, which operates every day. Izmir Blue Train It offers its users a comfortable and economical journey.

Passengers traveling on the train may prefer one of the sleeping or pulley wagons and can meet their food and beverage needs from the dining wagon.

Seat wagons consist of seats, and sleeper wagons consist of 2 beds in each cabin. Each cabin has a mini fridge, washbasin and electrical outlet.

Izmir Blue Train Schedule

Izmir Ankara Route Train Times
Station Arrival Log out
Izmir (Basmane) Turkey  PM18:05
Çiğli  PM18:32  PM18:34
Menemen  PM18:50  PM18:52
Muradiye  PM19:16  PM19:17
Manisa  PM19:26  PM19:30
Saruhanlı  PM19:48  PM19:49
Akhisar  PM20:20  PM20:22
Kırkağaç  PM20:50  PM20:51
Sum  PM21:02  PM21:04
Savastepe  PM21:30  PM21:32
Balıkesir  PM22:29  PM22:47
Nusret  PM23:13  PM23:17
Gazellider to  PM00:06  PM00:08
Dursunbey  PM00:33  PM00:34
Piribey on  PM01:06  PM01:09
Gökçedağ  PM01:32  PM01:33
Balıköy  PM01:52  PM01:53
Değirmisaz  PM02:06  PM02:08
orders  PM02:36  PM02:37
Tavsanlı  PM02:53  PM03:07
the Köprüör  PM03:34  PM03:35
Kütahya  PM03:57  PM04:02
Alayunt  PM04:13  PM04:14
Sabuncular  PM04:37  PM04:38
Badger  PM04:49  PM04:50
Gökçekisik  PM05:03  PM05:04
Eskişehir  PM05:27  PM05:35
alpu  PM05:59  PM06:00
Beylikova  PM06:14  PM06:15
Yunus Emre  PM06:36  PM06:37
Bicer  PM06:54  PM06:55
Beylikköprü  PM07:16  PM07:19
Polatli  PM07:35  PM07:38
Xinjiang  PM08:18  PM08:21
Ankara Railway Station  PM08:37


Ankara Izmir Route Train Times
Station Arrival Log out
Ankara Railway Station PM19:00
Xinjiang PM19:16 PM19:19
Polatli PM19:58 PM20:00
Beylikköprü PM20:16 PM20:17
Bicer PM20:38 PM20:39
Yunus Emre PM20:56 PM20:57
Beylikova PM21:18 PM21:19
alpu PM21:33 PM21:34
Eskişehir PM21:58 PM22:06
Sabuncular PM22:52 PM22:54
Alayunt PM23:17 PM23:18
Kütahya PM23:29 PM23:32
the Köprüör PM23:55 PM23:56
Tavsanlı PM00:23 PM00:43
orders PM00:59 PM01:03
Değirmisaz PM01:31 PM01:33
Balıköy PM01:46 PM01:54
Gökçedağ PM02:13 PM02:14
Dursunbey PM03:09 PM03:10
Balıkesir PM04:48 PM05:05
Savastepe PM06:03 PM06:04
Sum PM06:30 PM06:32
Kırkağaç PM06:43 PM06:44
Virgin PM06:53 PM06:54
Akhisar PM07:13 PM07:15
Saruhanlı PM07:46 PM07:47
Manisa PM08:05 PM08:08
Muradiye PM08:16 PM08:18
I Emiralem PM08:35 PM08:39
Menemen PM08:46 PM08:51
Çiğli PM09:07 PM09:08
Izmir (Basmane) Turkey PM09:36

Izmir Blue Train Route

Izmir Blue trains run between İzmir (Basmane) - Ankara - İzmir every day. Izmir Ankara train journey takes approximately 15 hours and 30 minutes. Izmir Blue Train İzmir (Basmane), Çiğli, Menemen, Muradiye, Manisa, Saruhanlı, Akhisar, Kırkağaç, Soma, Savaştepe, Gökköy (Balıkesir), Balıkesir, Mezitler, Dursunbey, Gökçedağ, Balıköy, Demirli, Tavsanli, Guzelyurt, Kutahya, Alayunt , Sabuncupınar, Gökçekısık, Kızılinler, Eskişehir, Alpu, Beylikova, Yunusemre, Beylikköprü, Polatlı, Sincan, Ankara serve every day. İzmir Ankara train journey is approx. 14 hours 30 minutes It is ongoing. The route length is 824 km.

Izmir Blue Train Ticket Prices

Izmir Blue Train, Izmir - Ankara 1st rank train ticket price is 62.00 TL, bedded (two person) 136.5 TL, bed (single) 187.0 TL. Izmir - Ankara discounted train ticket prices EMISWhen purchasing tickets online, you can see it by choosing a tariff. These are discounts, over 65 age discount (50%), 13-26 age discount, 60-64 age discount (20%), 7-12 age discount, staff discount, press discount, teacher discount, TAF (employee) discount. . You can also buy a pet ticket. In addition, there is a wagon suitable for the boarding of trains and dining.

Like all passenger trains operated by TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş, İzmir Blue Train provides privileged transportation service with confidence and comfort.

İzmir (Basmane) Station Contact

  • Tel: (232) 484 53 53 - RESERVATION (ON 24 HOURS)
  • Tel: (232) 484 86 38 - CONSULTATION (24 HOURS OPEN)

Ankara Train Station

  • Tel: (312) 309 05 15/336 Consultation - 24 HOURS OPEN

Map of Izmir Blue Train



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