Harassment in Istanbul Metro Response from Every Segment!

Istanbul metro metro harassment from all segments of the great response
Istanbul metro metro harassment from all segments of the great response

A video recorded on October 29 at the Istanbul Metro attracted great reaction. A turban citizen, who was with the citizens who sang the 10th Anniversary in the subway, continued his journey without doing anything and telling anyone. At these moments, a sick head turned on the cell phone's camera. He pressed the button of provocation by publishing the celebration images of the Sarıklı citizen on the Internet. Tens of reactions to the person who shot the video soon.

29 on the Istanbul Subway In October, an event took place on the agenda of social media. 10 is a group of citizens traveling on the subway during the Republic Day celebrations. He started singing the anthem of the year. During the enthusiastic moments of the citizens, there was a citizen with a robed turban.


At this moment, a hand trying to pull the event to a different area, activated the camera of the mobile phone. There is nothing in the middle of the celebration as if the citizen of the robes began to videotaped as uncomfortable. It was not enough that the images were fired on the Internet and fired the provocation. In a short time all citizens reacted to the purposeful person who attracted the video.


CHP Istanbul deputy Mehmet Bekaroğlu response “What is the difference between this citizen made to women wearing shorts? Those who do this do evil to this country and this nation, and reasonable people in the entire faith and lifestyle group will render the evils of these bigots ineffective. Pay (Sözcü)



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