These Roads Will Be Closed On Sunday For Istanbul Marathon

these roads will be closed on Sunday for the Istanbul marathon
these roads will be closed on Sunday for the Istanbul marathon

Vodafone 41 will run on Sunday. At the Istanbul Marathon, the roads will be opened for sports fans this time, not for vehicles. 15 July The entire route, including the Martyrs' Bridge, and all connected roads will be closed to traffic between 3 and 03.00 on Sunday. Metrobus flights will be made from Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge.

3 will be organized by Spor Istanbul, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality on Sunday, November with the slogan “Istanbul is yours, Stop Running X. Roads will be closed for a while at the Vodafone Istanbul Marathon. The only marathon in the world that offers the possibility of jogging between the two continents will open for those who want to experience this unique experience.

15 July The race will be held on the Anatolian side of the Martyrs' Bridge in the morning as of 08.45. The race will take place in the 15 main category with 3 minute intervals. The Marathon (42,195 km) race will end in Sultanahmet, the 15 km race will end in Yenikapı and the People's Race (8 km) will end in Vodafone Park.


3 On Sunday, November, the course routes between 03: 00 - 15: 00 and all roads leading to these routes will be closed to traffic between 03.00 and 15.00.

The Metrobus line will operate on the route of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge between Zincirlikuyu - Söğütlüçeşme and Söğütlüçeşme - Zincirlikuyu.

Roads to be closed to traffic are as follows: “Kısıklı Avenue, D-100 north and south participation, Kuşbakışı Avenue, Petrol-İş front D-100 Highway south participation, Mahiriz Street D-100 south participation, Altunizade Bridge over D-100 south-north participation, Tophanelioğlu Caddesi Gold Computer front D-100 south-north participation, Beylerbeyi participation, Güney Zincirlikuyu separation, Sait Çiftçi participation, Fenerbahçe Göztepe and TEM separation participation, Botanic Garden, Rıdvan Dedeoğlu direction, North Ataşehir from Rıdvan Dedeoğlu Coming from FSM turnstiles, 1st Ring Road distinction, coming from the south and joining north, joining north under Mustafa Kemal Bridge, Altunizade bridge where the people run under the bridge, between marathon and people running, park entrance, where the marathon starts, park exit, park exit between turnstiles and north turnstile field, European side, Central Command lights, Opel Real additional front, Sait Çiftçi bridge participation (E-5 Highway south participation), Sabancı High School front, Star lights, Akdoğan Street entrance, Painter Hamdi Bey, Bostancı Veli, Abbasağa, Hasfın, Serence Bey streets, Ortaköy turns, Beşiktaş Square, Vestel lights , Palangalar lights, Ortaköy Square, Muhakkik Street entrance, Akaretler lights, VIP Hotel front, I love the lower head, Süzer Plaza front, Kadırgalar Street dirt road turns, Mete Junction, Gümüş Caddesi head, landing from Gümüşsuyu to dirt road, Dolmabahçe lights, Coffee In front of the world, the head of Akyol Street, the head of Meclis-i Mebusan Hill, next to Aydilimi Patisserie, Kabataş lights, Hazelnut lights, Sea Port exit, Tuesday Market lights, Boğazkesen Street arrival, Boğazkesen lights, Tophane lights, Revani Street arrival, Kemeralti lights, Karaköy Square, Thursday Market lights, Azapkapı to Tarlabaşı compulsory direction, Şişhane Square Bankalar Street entrance, Tarlabaşı to entrance to the Thursday Market, Şişhane lights to compulsory direction to Kasımpaşa, Kasımpaşa to Unkapanı Bridge separation, Thursday Market to Unkapanı Bridge separation, Sahil Kennedy Caddesi Ataköy Poolside Interchange to Sirkeci lights north and south direction, Ragıp Gümüşpala Street, Reşadiye Street, Atatürk Boulevard, Mustafa Kemal Paşa Boulevard, Sultanahmet Horse Square, Yerebatan Street, Klodfarer Street, Nuruosmaniye Street, Hagia Sophia Square and Galata and Unkapanı bridges.


The marathon participants will be able to show their IETT buses, metrobus, rail system, ferry and sea buses. free Can benefit. Buses to carry marathon (42 km) and 15 km athletes to the bridge will depart from Taksim and Sultanahmet Square between 07.00 - 07.30 hours. The buses that will carry the public running athletes to the starting point will depart from Mecidiyeköy between 07.00 - 08.00 hours.


08.45 Wheelchair Race Start

09.00 42K Race Start

09.15 15K Race Start

09.45 8K Public Running

these roads will be closed on Sunday for the Istanbul marathon
these roads will be closed on Sunday for the Istanbul marathon


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