Decreasing Unemployment Rate Will Be Through Reforms

Decrease in unemployment rate will be through reforms
Decrease in unemployment rate will be through reforms

Young Businessmen Association of Turkey (TUGIAD) Chairman Anil Alirıza Şohoğl found in the explanation of the figures disclosed TSI.

According to Turkstat in Turkey and over 15 2019 years of age at the number of unemployed during August compared to the same period last year, an increase of 980 thousand people was 4 650 million thousand people. Speaking on the subject, TÜGİAD President Şohoğlu said: ı The unemployment rate was announced as 14.0 in August. The unemployment rate was 13.9 in July and 2018 in August last year. The non-agricultural unemployment rate was also 11.1 percent. The biggest distress occurred in young unemployment. The unemployment rate of the young population (16.7-15 age) became 24 percent and reached a record level with the 6.6 percentage points increase compared to the same period of the previous year. After that, the highest priority; increase in investments with structural reforms and implement a sustainable growth model. ”

Stressing that unemployment rates should be handled in a controlled manner, Şohoğlu continued: im I believe that the burden on the employer and the worker should be reduced. The rapid implementation of employment-providing packages will ease both the worker and the employer. Thus, unemployment pressure in the society will be reduced to a minimum. Another call to young business people. We must follow policies to continuously produce production wheels and increase our export rates. This will allow both the reduction in the unemployment rate and economic sense, will ensure the rearing of Turkey's economy.

Başarı Success in inflation should be achieved in employment ”

"The average unemployment rate of 5.2% while the data described in the OECD countries the unemployment rate hovers in the range of 13% to 14% Turkey remains quite high." He was speaking Şohoğl to add the following words: "having the highest unemployment rate in OECD countries 4. The success achieved in inflation in Turkey's recent need to put forth in the employment figures."

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