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iettnin innovation site
iettnin innovation site

Un Feed chairs should be added to the buses ”, lar Handles that do not hold bacteria can be improved”, ın EDS device should be installed in front of the buses and automatic penalties should be issued for violations… IETT's innovation site ( isWe compiled interesting suggestions from Istanbulites.

IETT corporate Twitter account @ ietttr 15 in October

oneri yagdi from innovation site
oneri yagdi from innovation site

“- Transportation is my job.

  • I can contribute to IETT.
  • I have an idea, but I don't know how.

And if you make similar sentences, we expect you to contact us for your innovative solutions ”. We evaluated the suggestions. We have gathered the most mentioned topics into 8 titles.

1-Organ, marrow and blood donors can be discounted in IETT services.

2 buses can be equipped with handles that prevent the formation of bacteria.

3-On-demand transport can be improved. According to the IMM Traffic application, it is possible for certain buses to reach their destination by taking only passengers from certain stops. The fare schedule for these buses may be different.

4-İETT buses can be fitted with EDS. Buses fitted with an Electronic Inspection System (EDS) can help with road control, and automatic fines will be imposed for any violations detected. In addition, civilian vehicles can be parked at the bus stops.

With the 5-IstanbulKart Mobile application, it is possible to define existing cards to the phone and use the phones as cards.

By producing 6-Virtual Istanbul Card, the cost can now be avoided. In addition, the virtual card facilitates access to IstanbulKart for tourists coming to Istanbul.

Mother-baby seat design work can be done in 7 buses. For example, a portable highchair can be developed which can be mounted on the back of the front seat.

8-Literature, philosophy and history concept model bus work can be done.

oneri yagdi from innovation site
oneri yagdi from innovation site

You can share your creative ideas by the end of the month. In December, IETT officials will meet with Istanbulites who have the most interesting and creative proposal. Even if the meeting is interesting, suggestions that do not have a chance to be implemented will be eliminated, and what can be done about the applicable ones will be evaluated. The results of the study will then be shared with the public.

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