Phone Use of IETT and Private Public Bus Drivers is Declining

iett and private public bus sofor phone usage decreases in cruising
iett and private public bus sofor phone usage decreases in cruising

IETT General Directorate of Buses in the controls initiated by the bus drivers, 2019 in the year on the go talking to the thousand sanctions on the 294 chauffeur was detected.

Istanbul Electric Tramway and Tunnel Operations (IETT) General Directorate conducts inspections in order to provide better quality and safer transportation for our fellow countrymen. According to the disciplinary regulations strictly prohibited 'mobile phone use while driving' sanctions imposed on the violations has been a significant reduction.

Phone Use in Navigation Number of Penalties Number of Employees
2018 2019 2018 2019
IETT 450 217 378 190
cough 3.546 1.593 2170 1.104
TOTAL 3996 1810 2548 1294

2018- 2019 year violation and penalties table


In 2018, 378 thousand 450 was sanctioned for 2 thousand 170 drivers, including 3 IETT driver, 546 thousand 2 thousand people, 548 thousand 3 drivers.

In 2019, the 190 IETT driver was sentenced to 450, while the thousand 104 Private Public Bus driver was given a thousand 593.

Thanks to the inspections, the number of drivers found to have committed a violation in 2019 has decreased approximately twice as compared to 2018.


IETT has an 83 article disciplinary code on drivers and supervisors. With the amendment to be made in the coming period, the regulation aims to impose more severe sanctions on kullanmak using mobile phones while traveling ”. In addition, upon the identification of the more widespread violation of Private Public Bus drivers, IETT decided to tighten its controls in this direction within the framework of its authority.

Istanbul residents can send their requests, suggestions and complaints about buses and Metrobus line through ALO 153 Call Center, Mobiett application, IETT social media accounts and website.

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