Explanation about the Surprising Elevator at Metrobus Station

ibbden metrobus stop astonishing elevator description
ibbden metrobus stop astonishing elevator description

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Kucukcekmece Beşyol Metrobus Stop because of the elevator is not run because of the difficult moments of the disabled DHA'nın containing a written statement on the news made.

“Koru Florya Houses management is responsible for the operation of the elevators and escalators in the said stops in accordance with the agreement for the year 5. However, as a result of the negotiations made due to problems arising from the operation of the facilities, the responsibility of the facilities has been transferred to IETT as of November 25.

The repair of the escalators in the said station has begun immediately and it will be put into operation as soon as possible.

The disabled lift 7 has been damaged during a rescue operation as a result of a citizen being stranded on November 2019. The elevator, which is of origin, was ordered immediately. The 15 day is scheduled for the elevator to be put into service. ”

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