Statement by IMM about the Surprising Elevator at the Metrobus Station

ibbden metrobus stop astonishing elevator description
ibbden metrobus stop astonishing elevator description

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) made a written statement on the news of DHA, which included the difficult moments experienced by disabled people due to the elevator, which was not operated at Küçükçekmece Beşyol Metrobus Station.

In the statement, the management of Koru Florya Houses, which is located near the station for 5 years, is responsible for the operation of the elevators and escalators at the said stations. However, as a result of the negotiations made due to the problems regarding the operation of the facilities, the responsibility of the facilities was transferred to IETT as of 25 November 2019.

The repair of the escalators in the said station has begun immediately and it will be put into operation as soon as possible.

On the other hand, the disabled elevator became damaged and cannot be repaired during the rescue work carried out as a result of being stranded by a citizen on 7 November 2019. An order was placed immediately for the elevator, which is originated abroad. A 15-day period has been envisaged for the elevator to be opened for use. ”

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