Statement by IMM about Public Bus Stopping in Beşiktaş

ibb from besiktasta bus stopping the public bus
ibb from besiktasta bus stopping the public bus

Statement by İBB about the Public Bus Plunging to the Station in Beşiktaş; While traveling towards Beşiktaş direction in Beşiktaş, 13 people were injured by the private public bus that got out of control and plunged to the station. One of the wounded was unable to be saved despite all the interventions.

Upon the incident, Istanbul Büuükşehir Municipality made a written statement. Description; “Yesterday at 16:30, 27E Şirintepe - Kabataş While the Private Public Bus working on the Bus Line was in Beşiktaş, there was a discussion between the driver and the passenger.

According to the latest information from Police; The bus driver who hit the Beşiktaş - Bahçeşehir stop, which was off the route, caused injuries to 13 people. The driver injured one person with a knife when he got off the bus and then jumped into the sea.

The police officers intervened and detained the driver. The wounded were referred to the surrounding hospitals by ambulances. The necessary investigation was initiated by the police.

As Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, we have started a comprehensive investigation about the driver, vehicle owner and Private Public Bus Company.

We would like to state that we closely monitor the health status and needs of the citizens who are being treated in hospitals by visiting them one by one.

We respectfully announce to the public that we will take comprehensive measures including examining the Private Public Bus system so that Istanbul residents do not experience a similar situation. ”

Günceleme: 04/11/2019 11:07

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