IETT Psychologists Observe Metrobus Drivers

how metrobus drivers withstand extreme stress
how metrobus drivers withstand extreme stress

IETT Psychologists Observed the Metrobus Drivers; Metrobus drivers, which serve Istanbul residents 7/24, had special visitors in the resting areas. IETT psychologists landed on the field, spending time with the drivers sohbet did. Psychologists made observations by traveling next to the driver's cabin in the metrobus.

Psychologists employed in the Human Resources and Training Department of the General Directorate of IETT Enterprises have landed in the field for support activities for the drivers.

Institutional psychologists came together with the drivers in Edirnekapı Garage and provided them with consultancy services. With drivers sohbet The psychologists, who listened to their problems and listened to their problems, then got on the metrobus and traveled with the drivers.

Observing their situation on site by making empathy with the drivers, psychologists also examined the passengers. Stress points evaluating experts, took notes for training.

Psychologists provide drivers with effective communication skills, stress management, anger control, conflict and crisis management, occupational diseases and group therapies.

Psychologist Ebrar Yenice Kanık, who came together with the drivers, stated that passenger density and traffic conditions can be a source of stress for the drivers from time to time, which is the most important element of public transportation.

“We believe that drivers' ability to cope with stress in a healthy way will increase both the quality of public transportation and road and passenger safety. For this purpose, as the psychologists of the Mental Health Center established within IETT, we are in intensive contact with the drivers. We provide individual psychological counseling, training, group therapy and drama work services to the drivers in order to cope with the crisis situations that occur in the traffic. At the center of these activities are competencies such as anger management, coping with stress, and effective communication skills. "

Kanık said, “In order for the drivers to share their experiences not only in crisis moments, but also in the routine work flow, we talk to psychologists in the lounge. sohbet we realize hours. We also accompany our drivers on the go from time to time in order to identify the areas where they need support on the job ”.

IETT Mental Health and Psychotechnical Assessment Center in Ikitelli Garage, psychotechnical assessments are made for drivers. Psychologists; IETT provides mental health screenings, drama trainings and individual psychological counseling to its drivers.

In the center, tests such as selective attention, continuous attention, response speed, reasoning, visual perception, continuity in visual perception, speed and distance perception, hand-eye coordination, personality inventory for driving are also applied.


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