Menteşe Produces Intercity Bus Station Energy

hinges generate their own intercity bus station energy
hinges generate their own intercity bus station energy

Menteşe Intercity Bus Station has provided a great contribution to the environment and the municipal budget by generating the energy it consumes from its roof thanks to its roof consisting of solar panels integrated into the structure.

Mugla Metropolitan Municipality Hinge district 11 million TL investment will give it structure and integrated with the roof with the solar energy that first hinge Intercity Bus Terminal consumed in Turkey on the environment by producing from the roof of the municipal budget has greatly contributed.

2019 According to September data, the total number of 25.636,679 KW / h of the Menteşe Intercity Bus Station, which generates approximately 20 Thousand TL of electricity, has obtained all the energy it consumes from the roof.

President Gürün; “Our Muğla always deserves the best service”

Mayor of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality said that they live in one of the most popular cities of the world and our country with its natural and historical beauties. Osman Gürün said that they are protecting this unique city with their exemplary projects and they are trying to provide the best service to the citizens.

President Gürün; “Muğla is a tremendous city with its nature, history and valuable 13 district that not only fascinates everyone but its inhabitants. As the metropolitan family, we strive to carry this city to the future while preserving its beauties. In our city, which is lucky in terms of sunbathing time, we equip our facilities with solar panels and protect our environment and budget by making use of this energy. For the time being, we utilize solar energy in our hinges, roofs of our Bodrum bus station, slaughterhouse facility and Bodrum Konacık service building. example in Turkey with integrated roof structure was obtained from the roof of an entire project hinges bus station where we consume energy. We have achieved our targets under construction with our facility which contributes greatly to the environment and municipal budget. An example of such innovative projects Muğlamız to Turkey and looks great. Because Muğla always deserves the best service ”.

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